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The first one in a series of little experiments, a bit more painted parts, a bit of 3d in there, hope you'll like it ;)

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Comments (39)
sharraXtheXcubone's avatar
sharraXtheXcubone|Hobbyist Digital Artist
creepy but keeps ya wanting more
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amira13's avatar
omg i love this make more like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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confusedblob's avatar
omg...i dont kno wat to say this is AMAZING! and my sister's agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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parkerwestonneely's avatar
this reminds me so much of my favorite band tool for some odd reason. in fact that's why, it's odd, bizarre, cryptic, and above all original. you have a distinct unique style that i cherish so much. thanx as always for sharing this personal favorite of mine with me my friend-p.
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rohrmuller's avatar
No surprise there... :+fav:

A trinity of favs... congratulations dude... you're the first one... :D
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lofijunkie's avatar
damn i dig this more than the second ...
surreal and macabre, what more could you ask for ...
another favorite ...
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banxter's avatar
This thing scares me... haha ;P

Great work bro, love these creatures you created!

Awesome hues too!
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tdesign's avatar
soo good...:+fav:
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killahshakur's avatar
also bugged out
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empyrian's avatar
hehehe te gek

larkie stijl, altijd goed
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fragilemuse-org's avatar
wow! this is really well done :)
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nahyta's avatar
Most Intriguing :)
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fangedfem's avatar
Wonderful odd little creature! He has almost a melancholy feel about him-- great work =)
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Ergasiophobia's avatar
Amazing. I love how the jaw is just slightly off center.

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firlondion's avatar
Its terrific!!!!:D :+fav:
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pukoyote's avatar
'quite a composition you've come up with and the tones are just great...its disturbingly beautiful
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fetology101's avatar
I don't just like this, I love it. Is this all digital painting? I really enjoy the eyes in the subjects body. And the texturing in the background. The tunnel looks like abig gaping mouth, ready to swaller him whole.
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rhye's avatar
rhye|Hobbyist Digital Artist
:worship: :+fav:
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superh's avatar
Hah, the eyes, like eyes on a potato :D

You're right though, it does just seem like more of a painting than your others. The only particular thing I notice (and I'm dead tired right here so I might change my mind about it in a few hours) is that it seems pretty light towards the top. I think I would make the shadows a little bit deeper, all the way up the background. Then again, it'll remove some of the contrast, hmm. I donno, it looks good, like always, and the shading thing is probalby my sleep addled brain being wacky. :D
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shoeshiner's avatar
So thats what silly putty in hell looks like..... :pills:
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tirex's avatar
i like it ;)
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fantasio's avatar
fantasio|Professional Digital Artist
hey mang, just want to let you know that i love this series, my favorite is the second;-)

but i guess i have to fave all of these...
also i´m curious to know how you did them, they look really eerie...;-)


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jaakobou's avatar
brilliant as always

sorry for the short comment .. just left without words
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nebu's avatar
nebu|Professional Digital Artist
I just love these from tr pack9. Your characters are so bizarre yet so intregueing. Fabulous work larkie hun as always. :+fav:
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