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The Stairway

And this is the last entry for Twisted Realmz Issue2

Same style as the other two, but a bit weirder/stranger I think, oh well ;) (Wink)
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its really cool!
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such a great work!!!
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This is awsome, but the arms do make it a little Pythonest in my opinion. That's not a bad thing of course. If only we could all think like Terry Gillingham.

Jesus, that's a scary thought.
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another masterpiece my friend, and thanx as always for sharing and giving me another personal favorite of mine of your wonderful work; i appreciate it as always-p.
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OMG! this is probably one of my most favorite pieces of art I have ever seen on DA! This is fantastically done and I love all the "components" you used to make it. Simply incredible!
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.....this link is for your :D (Big Grin) [link]
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....very surrealist.... dark and surrealist... nice work :o (Eek)
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w00t :o (Eek)

Awesome manip.. so subrealistic.. :D (Big Grin) i love it...
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OK Damn, your getting add to my watch. this is amazing.

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Wow been a while science I have been on, this one really stuck out in my watch good work! I only wish t were bigger, keep it up!
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This has got to be the best out of the three! But I feel as if you could have added a little more to this one. But still +fav I love this series.
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Freaking Sliq!

I love it man...u simply amazed the grungy me....heheh as always +fav :) (Smile)
trodden's avatar
wow! awesome work as...always!!!
hogar's avatar
great image ... love the dark expression here ... very powerful! :D (Big Grin)

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As I said before, your stuff makes mine look like amature hour. ;) (Wink)

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ooooooo yesss this one is my fave of your recent submissions =c)

i love the arm staircase. they fit together so well.

is that a pig with wings on the arm? im not really too sure. it kinda looks like a cat as well.. hmm

nice one =c)
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Yep. Nod Weirder and stranger and so much more. But the concept is fantastic, and you pulled it off nicely here. Good work.
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100% anguish... Fear
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this is so great. amazing work. the textures on the tongue and face amaze me.
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weirder/stranger = better.
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defientely alot wierder and stranger. and alot more badass. i think you should stretched out the tongue a bit more though, it would give it a creepier effect.
god i love the whole pop-art style shit! i know technically this isn't pop-art but in a fashion it kinda is! and i love it!
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that's fucked up but i love it
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Pretty wicked (not sure what the thingy on the top hand is, though)
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