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The Face

Just another experimental graphic, made with photographs of myself, manipulated in photoshop
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© 2002 - 2021 larkie
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what do u use when u photoshop?? what tools etc? i have photoshop but im not so good:(
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scary, but so.. unique ;)
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scary look. brr...
at least, this image gave me bad feeling while watching it.
patternagainstuser's avatar
as i look through your work, theres one thing that continually jumps out at me, and that is the teeth in your pieces. Im not sure why, but they just do, and i love them so much.
Good job, great job.
jaakobou's avatar
i adore what you've done with the teeth.. and the placement of the logo :w00t:
extermenater's avatar
Hi Larkie,

I justadded you to my devwatch and I don't regret it for one minute! ;) (Wink) Just looking around and I felt like commenting on this piece the most! In my opinion it's the best one in your just gives you a certain feeling...the colour combinations, shapes,...the mix of everything...just special! :) (Smile) I know it's your first post but it's still amazing!

Even onder ons, blij dat er nog goei artiesten zijn die onze landen vertegenwoordigen! :) (Smile) Onze nederlandse en belgische populatie is vrij beperkt :( (Sad) En kwalitatief gezien al niet veel beter!

Keep it up! Thumbs Up
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screaming is the only way to show pain with out crying, in my eyes. I simply adore this and want you to know you are extremly talented
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Masterful! Extremly good.. Congratulations!
bandini's avatar
Very kôôl ! :) (Smile)
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unspiritual's avatar
Fucking awesome.
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i've posted the link to this picture to a non-dA related mailing list, i think everyone has to see this who likes dark art... it's simply brilliant.
rosiel's avatar
yes... thats another neat work your yours... awesome !!
jen-r8r's avatar
oh, i like this! cool stuff! :) (Smile)
-cassius-'s avatar
Amazing work.. Very experimental.. in a kind of Frankinstein way ;) (Wink)
extremely good work i dunno how you do it man really id on't
nozzman's avatar
Wooohaaaaa. Djeezzuss.
arterie's avatar
Beautiful, tight, scary, and talent babe!
pilife's avatar
wow. u are good! i found another manip man! yeah!

adding u to my devwatch.

great piece, great textures.

Thumbs Up
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Great piece, i like it!!
...demons to some, angels to others...
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"Is that the tulips from XP wallpaper I see?"

Nope, I only use pictures I made.
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Is that the tulips from XP wallpaper I see? Geat pic. I love the texture of the face and the teeth. It has a nice grit to it.
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I like the teeth
Check out my work - [link]
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