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Rise - experimental

My only entry for the latest breed pack (check it out) Experimental as always
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Absolutely love this. The varied textures are perfectly chosen and placed. It looks eerily real. This and all your other works..truly great.
ex247's avatar
like i said with allyour other works, GREAT

exorist's avatar
well worthy of a +fav mate!

i really love this new direction your taking your art and i hope to see more :) (Smile)
wicked-eve's avatar
This is great Larkie!!!!
I love the brusing on the hand and the teeth...the eyes are spooky...
it really makes me think of that movie.../thinks...
hmm...i cant remember but its an older film..where all the creepy alien looking freaky things come into the village and devour everyone....there fuzzy thou..but thats the first thing that came to mind...if i remember ill tell ya..
still...this is GREAT!!!
matic's avatar

This came into my gallery with [link] by insecktaserpenta right next to it. I'm going to pull the covers over my head, now...
trodden's avatar always :D (Big Grin)
JoshClarkeDraws's avatar
Jesus! Imagination IS bottomless
ultramaniac's avatar awesome, mister larkie
fantasio's avatar
hehehe,you´ve got an evil flowerpot,do you?...:-) (Smile)
i especially like the texture in the middle right under the eye,the headgreen,could be a bit more muddy,but its ok(just my opinion:) (Smile) overall great composition and the right use of blackness in the foreground underlines its evilness in a devilish way,
cheers:-) (Smile) ;-) (Wink) :-) (Smile)
tewmten's avatar
ooh, very cool, me likes alot!
nice textures, and the colors.
and don't forget the eye! looks great!
trymax400's avatar
Pretty sweet there Larkie! I need to do some more manips my self I have been slacking. I really love the right side of the face nice composition and great textures, keep em coming mate...
enigmart's avatar
Excellent piece man! Manipulation is always! Thumbs Up
twiste's avatar
whoa this is exellent man!

i love it. +fav
zkreso's avatar
It rocks. Amazing texturing as always.
empyrian's avatar
geweldig! eindelijk weer eens wat nieuws, maar het was het wachten waard!

jen-r8r's avatar
awesome pic larkie! very nicely done! :D (Big Grin)

dubtastic's avatar
my, what pretty eyes you have ;) (Wink)
AJaber's avatar
nice work .........
ubermensch's avatar
whoa , awesome ..
stolenwings's avatar
creepy and freaky!

so...great! :D (Big Grin)
ka-os's avatar
Very well done man! One of my favorites from the release.
mantra's avatar
SICK, fucking beautiful job on the manip bro.
n05feratu's avatar
Wow.. straight to my fav!!!!!
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