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New Home

This is my second entry for Twisted Realmz issue2

Again very experimental, this was made in the same style the previous was, very dark and in b&w. Hope you like it.
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whoa reminds me of this cool story in a comic colabration called I bleed scorpiens. vary asome.
Jetshadow's avatar
:faint: ....I love it.
transit-gloria's avatar
i love your work. another :+fav:
talamia's avatar
Love everything about this! Especially the old scratchy film-like background... :) (Smile)

Brilliant work!
n05feratu's avatar
so ****ing great manip...
insumphnia's avatar
everything you submit is amazing
brianc's avatar
B&W photo manips like this are my favorite style of art. Such nose, I mean eye candy :) (Smile) +fav
yhancik's avatar
now chalet...

there's something about Switzerland behind your latest work ?
type's avatar
I still like the works such as "prayer" and "media manip" better, but it's just a fact that you're really good.

Again good work, but I'd like to see more in your old style ;) (Wink)
jmanx's avatar
Very good piece, so many different things you could talk about that are so great and add another part of the story behind the image. Fantastic job!
SeaFairy's avatar
wow, this is just so amazing! OMG

kabes's avatar
very interesting and emotional. :D (Big Grin)
atila's avatar
wow! your work is amazing!
sasso's avatar
I'm liking this new style of yours thus far, they're coming out quite well. The best of all is the imagination behind the piece, very well done.
atheme's avatar
damn i love it, great job fav
asunder's avatar
wow...that is so cool.. I love the textures.. it's awesome :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)
otreum's avatar
nice new home
mantra's avatar
wow very nice job man
trodden's avatar
lordjax's avatar
Just amazing, one of my favorites of the release for sure. +FAVS
letrasiant's avatar
Man, I love all your work. This one's wonderful.
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