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'Media' is less horror and more humor.

It's my ode to media; sound, images, music, etc. And again it's been made out of my own photographs and textures and again it's an experiment - trying something new. Hope you like it.
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Sanaa's avatar
wow :D love your gallery
bosniak's avatar
impressive work.... I'm just against media sub-power /// love this rusty-tech stuff /// amazing concept 8)
cooperk's avatar
A very interesting gallery ¡¡
fantasio's avatar
absolutely outstanding,the media idea is really great,a very fine piece of art!
n05feratu's avatar
filedebop's avatar
i like the realism of the T shirt.
smoky's avatar
all i can say is, excellent :) (Smile)
cobalt's avatar
wow !!!! good job !!! :) (Smile)
+ favs
serendipity2's avatar
this is so awesome. I love the texture of the headphones. Everything about it is cool... excellent work. :) (Smile)
sexpistols's avatar
god i wish i was half as talented as you!!!!!!
your work should be FAMOUS!!!!
yet another +fav
barta's avatar
you should get paid to design CD covers for metal bands... Horns Nod Horns
fusionmoth's avatar
wonderful...looks like grit
yhancik's avatar
yes yes yes yes !
rhye's avatar
Man, i should really really really learn one of this.

I envy your talent man. this work is very professional. :) (Smile)
trodden's avatar
very your style of manipulation..
dollseye's avatar
I like the way you incorporated the ideas of different media into a still, silent image - it has a nice irony about it and much fun :) (Smile) ...

Jess Bug Chainsaw
kidd's avatar
Hahah mmmmmmmeeeeeeeedia bad! :) (Smile) Nice... dude... ah... you made my night tonight... GENIUS I tell you...
arterie's avatar
VERY NICE....consider a print. The style you have going is worth pursuing!
githzerai's avatar
reminds me of Sid, the dj from Slip Knot, heh, nice piece, good work
sinnamongirl's avatar
so very very very good

it reminds me of one of those recycled sculptures.. except a heap better.

the blending is amazing.
the textures awesomee

so dark and mysterious. i love it!
xirk's avatar
This is just fantastic! +favs
larkie's avatar
To be honest I've never even thought about print. I made it in 250dpi so it is printable... hmz
sambidextrous's avatar
This is amazing, magnificent execution. Are you going ot offer it as a da print? :) (Smile)
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