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Lurking in the dark

This is the last one of my 'portraits' series. The next graphic I'll make will show a bit more then just a head and a hand.

Lurking in the dark, some kind of no nose thing waiting, lurking in the dark ;) (Wink)
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hahaha it's hilarious.
it looks funny *giggles*
xXTwistedErebusXx's avatar
My god....That really jumped out at me when I first saw it...Hehe, nice work dood. It is successfully creepy!
jaakobou's avatar

when is the movie coming out? :popcorn:
VanessaUsedToLive's avatar
looks really insane :)
bitterboyblue's avatar
sheepish's avatar
Reminds me of that evil chucky doll.. i love all your art.. well done!
jackfreak's avatar
Shit man, now I won't be able to sleep tonight
It's awesome though.
petrol-pete's avatar
darn it , i knew i had inspiration for my newest pic, then i stumbled across this and had a strange feeling of deja vu. well thatnks alot for the indirect support you have given me

easylennie's avatar
tool meets the thumbs ... nice =) (Smile)
blacksheep-'s avatar
sweet, this piece is creepy, but i love it anyway.. +Fav
movie-wizard's avatar
I think i just craped my pants! =D (Big Grin)

Awesome work dude!
exorist's avatar
This piece reminds me of the knife weilding toddlers that run around the school in silent hill 1(playstation game),
your technique is very impressive mate,i shall be keeping an eye on you from now on so don't goto sleep ever again or you may wake up one morning to find that youve been raped of your skills ;) (Wink)
killahshakur's avatar
nasty ass favorite
filedebop's avatar
so you got guys now with no nose thats original....I mean yeaH! disappear to the shop for 5 mins and look what manifests in the icebox.
trymax400's avatar
That is excellent = fave! I like your stile....
barta's avatar
u should direct some Tool videoclips...
centralplexis's avatar
ever seen 13 ghosts ? It reminds me of the movie good manip
david-the-gnome's avatar
wow... that's great work.
yhancik's avatar
damn, i like it !
another cunningham-like creature !!
joshbomb's avatar
Didn't the lights from the scanner hurt your eyes?

;) (Wink)

gawd's avatar
dude that freaks the hell outta me
rhye's avatar

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