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Like about chaos splash

This is a splash for my website, it's an experiment with typography. And an attempt to balance between emptyness and chaos.
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Nice work, I think.
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love the way it adds some perspective. great job
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I like this.

Typography is such an unknown depth to me, so no critique from me.

But I like this. :+fav:
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yeah! nice concept!!
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Wonderfull composition, yet I would assume the black mass should be lowered a tick.

I says Other than that there would be no problems.

love it. captures the feeling perfectly.
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its almots chaos !

beautiful splash
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what do i like about chaos?
even in chaos i can feel creative
even in chaos i can feel inspired
even in chaos i can feel love
even in chaos the world keeps going
lovely experiment dear
<3 kristin
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looks like barbed wire you might find inside someones dreams.

very nice indeed.
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Great design, I love the composition, perfect +favlove
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_//__°° lovely lovely lovely. composition is just adorable ! :D (Big Grin) _//__++
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nothing i respect more than experiments with typography , i seriously appreciate them and respect alot , and this one is no exception , this is amazing , simply amazing , i understand exactly what you meant when i first saw it .. FAV
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Wish I could vote F**king Love Deviation! - The typography is absolutly brilliant! you have also stuck to all the rules of abstract typography very impressed!
Absolutly love it!

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This is so cool I might have to rip off the idea... =P (Razz)
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Great typo work =D (Big Grin) .
yes very good you have a website up yet?
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a very original creation using typography i must say.
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Ahh, ok thx :) (Smile)
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Oh sorry! I didn't mean the yellow star and the text with it. I mean the star on the up left part and he rest.
Text and the logo is ok. :) (Smile)

Who me!
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Thx for the comments

It's a splash for my website, that's the reason I put my logo and the text in the lower right bottom. But thx for the critique
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Good try. In my oppion you can try this one with using different fonts. Sameness of the font makes the characters something different than a font.
But the balance is good. If I were you I would get rid off the whole star thing and the rest on the right side. It would give more tension to the consept "chaos" .
Keep 'em comin'.
Who me!
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nice, i like how its cluttered but at the same time still flows together
I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death
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