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Hand - Prelude splash

This is a sequal to the previous hand I made, it's a splash for a website I work with and another experiment for me :) (Smile)
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i love the vibe i gather from this pict an all your work, job very well done...definite fav....krylonkahn
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very nice manip all of your works
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INcredible eye for detail on this..
This appeals to me in a sensual gruesome way...
//Linus aka STRK9

have a look at my artwork too if youd like, I think we have some htings in common
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very nicely done. :) (Smile)
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do u need a band-aid? Bandaid

P.S. amazing piece with a fashinating dark attitude!!! Fear
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Wow... I very like the earth-y/sepia colors. I really like how that little flower design on the wrist stands out. VERY well done, my friend!
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dude your work is just amazing! i love it great job another +fav
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that's beautiful man! :) (Smile)

ps: peenutygoodness told me about this, i just had to look. if u got the time, kindly go check out the one i made [link]

would really appreciate the feedback.

peace mate!

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the cut away segment of the hand is veryy well done.

soo earthy too

im a sucker for organic matter =c)

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the little box down in the corner makes this feel like an old 1800's coroner photograph, for some reason. the sepiatone helps im sure :) (Smile)

the fingers could use a bit of texture though, but maybe thats not what you were going for.
Rife with hostility. -|- Fetology101 [link]
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i loved the texture on the arm/fist. real good blending.

maybe we could share some tecniques. :P (Razz)

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"... with something completely unexpected under the skin..." nice idea for new graphic ;) (Wink) thx :) (Smile)
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This looks real cool. What about doing it again, now with something completely unexpected under the skin... ;) (Wink) But this one is great too.
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great manip, lovely teaxtures
liqachu / liquid
unraveled's avatar
this is awesome, great work. fav
is it tall thin and goofy in here or is it me
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Thanks for the comments
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looks wonderful, great work on the hand!
Vist me [link]
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very very well :) (Smile)
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Killer manip. very realistic
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