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Departure - ds2

The last in a series of 5 of little experiments, my contribution to the latest pack from twistedrealmz.

Enjoy ;)
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Rolsey's avatar
great! nice use of different elements!!
Stefanovwich's avatar
Wauw Larkie!! deze is echt supergaaf! deze kunstjes heb je vast niet geleerd op de Hogeschool leeuwarden!? hehe
ik hoorde dat je bij Rob in de projectgroep hebt gezeten, zodoende belande ik hier.

nogmaals erg knap werk, kan ik nog wat van leren!

Desert-of-Eden's avatar
Beautiful piece. I don't quite understand it, but I like it all the same. Good job ^^ :+fav:
getcarter's avatar
so beautifull!

wexx's avatar
Het oogt echt heel romantisch en alles klopt eigenlijk gewoon aan dit plaatje!
Die scherpte in de diepte is ook heel netjes gedaan, maar ja, dat zijn we al van je gewend geloof ik ;)

Je site doet het trouwens al een tijdje niet meer...
driftfox's avatar
I just don't know what to say...

I mean that in a good way...

It's truly amazing...

Mind loaning your skills some time?
fantasio's avatar
hey magritte,

you know i love this...
this is really flowing imagery right here...;-)

Corporate-Cool's avatar
Very surreal! The seamless blending also owns me. + fav for sure!
leftflank's avatar
Damn you an your awesome shit
nebu's avatar
Excellent work as always hun. Very surreal and thought provoking. Love this series! :+fav:
killahshakur's avatar
made me stare at it, thats a good thing
ubu's avatar
Ahh! Marvelous! That shallow depth of field really tickles.
gensanity's avatar
love it!

I'm really liking these 5 "expereiments" please don't quit with just 5
keep playing!

very nice again
missobskuer's avatar
woah that is so confusing :O
0xox0's avatar
quality in the manip ,
nice idea
cool result!

i really appreciate the different sharp and blur objects , wonderfull dev :+fav:
diwiesign's avatar
it is SO great! very well!
kReEsTaL's avatar
beautiful and so soft... :heart:
GabrielKain's avatar
Simply fantastic. :)
superh's avatar
Heh, I don't get this one even more than I don't get the others lol. Still amazingly well done. It looks like a lighthouse, at a distance, when you look into the center. But if you look at the leaves (? Are they leaves? Who knows.), especially the closest one, it seems like you're looking up close at a miniature. Really, really interesting effect.
two7heads's avatar
Fantastic series and i do love this one here. It's beautiful and what you did with the leaves is great. Love the colors for this series too and the tower on this here is a great idea. Excellent high quality work!
ElectronicGhost's avatar
not quite sure what is going on but it looks wicked awesome.
yv's avatar
instant fav. i love it
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