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Creature Portrait 6 - study

A study and an experiment to try out some new ideas, hope you like it. enjoy
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© 2005 - 2021 larkie
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you've made my alien fetish swimming in lovelyness
obselete-angel's avatar
Exellent manip ~

Looks awsome..:)
lovelyevenindeath's avatar
disturbing! his eyes will haunt my nightmares.
well done :love: :fuzzydemon:
InsomniaSA's avatar
alleen maar 11 :+fav:'s ? .... mensen zijn gek hier :P , werk je met een wacom ?
shizophrenik's avatar
great image man.
like the look of that kind of "ape" alot.

blood2k's avatar
Wow, great work !! :-) +fav
SpankLikeThis's avatar
Hmm nice .. liking it....
borderline's avatar
nice work, I like it
humangame's avatar
enjoyed greatly as always...
gensanity's avatar

i like em!
wexx's avatar
Steven Spielberg - E.T (Larkie's 2005 remix) :D

Ziet er weer goed uit, nooit gedacht dat een vreselijk goede artiest als jij nog verder zou kunnen groeien op design-gebied!
c-specter's avatar
heh, he's smiling. :aww: i like happy little creatures. ;)

nice job on this one.
maybe, if you could add a drop shadow to the head i would look even better. (head -> shirt) :)
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excellent work man, i like the eyes :)
willowy's avatar
This is fabulous, a very creative and well-done idea!
necrophagous's avatar
Looks like he's got a skin disease indeed.
That "wound" or something like that at the right at his forehead looks very abnormal though. Looks like you are trying to trick my mind.
khuzul's avatar
love the expression.
githzerai's avatar
Sort of like Protoss meets Planet of the Apes. The strong lines of the "crease" in his face contrast strongly, almost too much so, to the rest of his face, which is so much smoother and has much less sudden changes in texture, but that's just me. Either way it's a great piece, good work. :thumbsup:
disembodiedillusion's avatar
loved it

well done:)
superh's avatar
The shirt is obviously photo, but was there a base for the face? Or was it done from scratch?

Your work is always so thought provoking, not only visually but as far as technique, heh. Great job as usual!

parkerwestonneely's avatar
what a unique technique you have my friend. absolutely beautiful. keep up the awesome work ;) -p.
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wtf....stop to take shots of your self!
Autaux's avatar
haha id love to see that as a skin for a game.. lol looks very cool
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