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Clenched Fist

A nice experiment, trying out some new things. Also trying to improve my photomanip skills. (photograhps/textures all taken by myself)
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May I use this in a noncommercial video? I will give credit
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nice photomanip! :headbang:
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Great textures, Good Work !!
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it reminds me of skinny puppy
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great manip ! very good job on textures and on blending it all together
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coooool piercings!
this reminds me of the story: one metal-head guy was trying to make his own spikes for the metal concert. and while drilling the leather for the nails, he drilled his hand.
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scary... I like the feeling pain is this, cool..
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kick-ass!!! the image has such a fuckin powerful impact!!! Rage
my only complain is that being a WP, it would be better to have the free black area for icons on the left... I mean: just a "orizontally mirrored" version... ;-) (Wink)
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2 words:

fucking amazing
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'Clenched Fist' is a song by Sepultura. The graphic was not inspired by Sepultura, but when I looked at it to decide on a name I imedialty thought of that song :) (Smile) What slayer cover do you mean?

"i also like the fact that you use all your own material."

Yeah, it's something I started doing a while ago and it's kinda a addiction. I only want to use my own stuff, though sometimes it's tempting to use some stock photo's :) (Smile)
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very cool, inspired by th slayer cover, something something musicus ?
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i like how in most of the work ive seen of yours so far youve managed to implant your logo somewhere in the piece.. and really subtle as well. it looks good =c)

i also like the fact that you use all your own material.

this is a great piece of manipulation =c)

im quite enjoying myself looking through your gallery.
keep up the good work.
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Thx, and yes the wounds are a little simple, I liked it that way but you got a good point I'll remember it, thx ;) (Wink)
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your manips are so good! this is very detailed, and the compostiiton is good as well, i really like all the empty space.

the wounds where the nails are coming out seem a little "empty", or something. theyre lacking a certain fleshiness to them, i think. other than that, this is excellent
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To me the nails look ok! Good picture, very disturbing though ;) (Wink)
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Thx for the comments :) (Smile) And I'll look in to the nails, thx
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Nice work, just intense enough...good stuff.
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that's awesome. well done
Do your hands ever get real dry so you put lotion on them, but because you masturbate with lotion your hands feel really gross? Yeah, me neither. that would really suck though
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u should go get a tetanus shot... :P (Razz)

nah .. good textures. and it works.. but i agree w/ xtommie .. the last nail could use some shading at the base.. but no worries.. tis very nice.. and i like the fact that u used ur own texures, and images.. i applaud jo0 ;) (Wink)
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very nice ! :-) (Smile)
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Very nice, the nails look like they are just sitting on top of the image though, the last two could be fixed up some. Other than that outstanding work.
Artwork through emotion
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