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Kind of retro and sci-fi mix, made for Breed 20

Hope you like it ;) (Wink)
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freaking awesome
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god, your stuff just makes me so happy. awesome, awesome job.
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Very interesting...I like it
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jaysis this is good.

you've got an amazing talent for mainpulations.

where did you learn how to do work like this? how long have you been doing it for?
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wow dude... another fantastic idea. great artwork!!

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Your work is simply amazing. And far to great to cheapen with big praise. Lovely.
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excellent idea, and perfectly done. love the little hand shyly aproaching this wild machine. love it
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I love how you use these organic parts such as eyes and combine in such a way that they become sick and twisted and demented! Very very well done, and I love the message behind this piece as well, not only aesthetically great but also thought provoking...

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thats really cool
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After checking out trick or treat, I had to have a nosey in your gallery.. and wow @ AI !!!OMG So surealistic ;) (Wink)
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good job. It could of been done nicer with better manipulation. I may be wrong though cause alot of people dont put up nice version online cause people may steal them. Still the idea is great.
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wow..this is aabsolutely ai!great...
the twelve monkeys are howling,i guess...:-) (Smile)
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this is such a great graphic...the eyes in the tvs make it so badass....great stuff
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you really have a great style...very different...easily recognizable...great work Nod
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Reminds me E.T.

great manip...
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WoW. I need some of whats in your head. This is beyond words, so......

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Everything has basically been said but I wanted to throw in my adoration of your work =) (Smile) Just a phenomenal job on this! You have such talent!
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Wow, i dig this mate. the "v" composition wrally works with this subject in making it less human and more unsettling.
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nifty... i likez how you kinda hid your icon in the white noise of the monitor.
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another great one :-) (Smile) . i love your style
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I adore this hon really!
I love the hand reaching up and the textures and the whole general concept and design is original and very fresh....

The color of the BG really brings out the piece itself and makes it more of a focus point rather then whats going on around it...
fab idea
Awesome piece

Here's a kiss for you, my love!
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hmmm, what a suprise, another great photo manip. by larkie. Giggle
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i love the originality of this piece mate,to me the piece is about dependancy to the creature comforts that this world has to offer and how they are used to control the way we live:) (Smile)
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