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Burton Girls

Tim Burton actually does a good job of making interesting, diverse and complex females. I just wish that they were more often main characters rather than love interests. Look how well Alice and Lydia did!

From left to right (top):
Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Lydia from Beetlejuice, Mrs. Lovett from Sweeney Todd, Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas, Victoria and Emily from the corspe Bride
Katrina Van Tassel from Sleepy Hollow, Kim from Edward Scissorhands, Catwoman from Batman

That's Ed wood in the background.

IMPORTANT EDIT: Ok guys, I know I left out a ton of characters - these are only the one or two main female characters from almost all Tim Burton's movies. To be honest they're really just my favourites of the burton girls, and I'm aware that I forgot Joanna and Lucy and the Red and White Queens, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Mrs. Bucket, and that chick from Planet of the Apes among many, many others. Trust me, I have seen ALL of tim burton's movies and am aware of the female characters in all of them. Maybe I'll do a part two with literally everyone... but in the mean time please no more comments pointing out that I "forgot" someone as I will never be editing this piece.

K thanks for all the support! :D
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I think that some people will be agree with me about what i'm going to say, a sequel of Batman Returns by Tim Burton would be a great movie.
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Wonderful job! And yes, i do wish that more of his female characters were protagonists too.
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They look beautiful! :D
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Good! missing the monkey and an Alien though! :p
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I can't really start to describe how much work you put into this. It's a real masterpiece, a great tribute to Tim Burton, and most of all, a fantastic tribute to all of his female characters.

Having said that ,I want to ask you this question: Would you allow me to borrow this image as one of the possible covers for a a fan fic I have in mind? It's something along the lines of your drawing, and I think it will fit it so nicely.

I will understand if you have second thoughts on that, and lastly, I hope you'll revisit this awesome sketch some day. Love the detail you put in there, Nellie Lovett sort of hugging Lydia Deetz. Two of my favourite girls from two of my favourite Burton movies ever! You're right, Tim does a great job at making the women in his movies as interesting as the male leads, and you've included some of the most beautiful girls to ever cross the films themselves!!

It is my favourite drawing, and in case you never get to revisit it, I would surely love another piece with Mrs. Lovett and Lydia this time. Incidentally, it was this drawing that gave me the idea of someday working on a fan fic featuring just these two!
Anyway,  Larkie-Star, I hope you're okay and that you keep on working on these wonderful illustrations.
Thanks a lot for the inspirattion!!
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Yeah, go ahead! Thanks so much for the nice comments :)
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You're welcome, Larkie-Star, and thank you so much for letting me borrow this image for your story!! And I hope you'll get to do another drawing with Lydia and Mrs. Lovett, if it ever happens, someday.
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<3 that's so cool 
Lovemaddie14's avatar
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gosh, the Corpse Bride!
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Gwaaaaaaash!!! I use to think Emily was so pretty when I was little, still do!!! :):):)
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so beautiful >w<
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you're's an awesome pic
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i like it
i love sally and emily
That's amazing!
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