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(Last update: May 2021)

  • Slot 1. Open

  • Slot 2. Open

  • Slot 3. Open

If you wish to be notified when slots become available, please comment below to be added to the ping list.


  • I am only willing to do equines for the time being

  • I will not currently be doing dragon horses/horses with scales

  • I will not currently be doing hippocampus characters

Full Body Package - $55 USD

Package Includes:

  • Extra characters cost between $15-$20

  • depending on their complexity.

  • A full background

  • Unnatural coat colors

  • Wings

  • companions

  • Antlers or horns

  • Fangs or tusks

  • Jewelry/accessories

  • Small wings (behind ankles/ears)


How to commission me

Please note me on da or contact me via instagram or via discord (LarkBliss#8629)

with the following form:

  • Name of the character:

  • Character reference:

  • Gender:

  • What is your char's build/Breed:

  • Additional info:

  • Jewelry/accessories:

  • Companions:

  • Landscape preferences:

  • Mood:

  • Anything else?:

Terms of Service

  • I only accept payment via Paypal at this time- I require payment before I start the piece. Refunds are not accepted unless the commission has not begun yet.

  • If there is something you are not happy with, I will go back and try to fix your commission to the best of my ability.

  • I reserve the right to cancel or decline a commission, If I cancel your order and you have already paid, you will receive a full refund.

  • To hear an estimate of when the artwork will be completed, feel free to ask at any time and I will update you on its progress.

  • Re-selling your commission is not allowed. If you're selling a character that I've made art of, you can include the commission with their art once they're sold, but never sell the piece individually.

  • Once completed you may use the piece wherever you may like, but never remove the credits on my work or claim as your own.

If you have any questions at all, please ask!

Ping list


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May I go on a ping list if slots open up? Thank you!

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