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daily portrait (2/31)

Wow I spent so much time on this one. I started sketching free hand, but as I started painting it looked awful. So I re-did the whole thing, sketching on top of the reference. Anyways it was a paint in the butt, but I managed to kinda get this done. What do you think?

Quick question: Is using liquify tool in photoshop considered cheating when painting?

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This looks really well done! I love your shading! It's very smooth!
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Thank you! I think I am still struggling with differentiating between the hard edges and the smooth gradients. Working on it though
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You're  very welcome <33 Ahhh I'm going through the a similar thing.  I have trouble painting faces currently :'D Slowly getting there though, it can be quite a challenge!
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Yes, sometimes it feels like i am not even improving at all, but there is this quote by Ira Glass which basically says that you've gotta create enough crap until you get to a point where it is not crap anymore (you should read it though, it is pretty motivational when you hate everything you do:…)
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That's a very good quote :) I've added it to my favorites in my browser. I might share that with my watchers on here at some point <33

I once felt like that too :c Generally the best thing to do, is to redirect yourself and analyze what you don't like about your work. Sometimes it takes getting somebody else  to look at it, and point out what your main flaws are. Then you try to address it, and see if that works. I'm mainly satisfied with my art now, but that's because I've wrestled with my style for years, and tried to figure out what works and what doesn't. I still do a little bit of that now and then, but it gets better as the years go on.

By the way, I'm definitely sure you're improving. With your portraits, I've noticed you've gotten better at handling features as well as creating a certain soft feel for your portraits. So even if you feel like you're not there yet, you'll definitely be there soon! <3 

Also, take a look at this: Art Cycle by Shattered-Earth  This is what I always keep in mind when I draw. I hope it's helpful to you as well :)

(Sorry for the long comment, I just had a lot to say XD Yours doesn't have to be nearly as long. I'm just a really talkative person LMAO :'D ) 
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Yeah I have seen something similar in a video by Sycra once. I haven't really been struggling with art block as in not drawing for a long period of time, since I am just forcing myself to draw wether I like it or not. Also I have thought about that sometimes all you need is a lot of pen milage, so just keeping to draw all the time is key. Also I am pretty sure I want to do creative work professionally, and then I can't always rely on inspiration and wether I feel good at what I do or not. 

A friend of mine is reeaally good a drawing, but she only draws a couple of times a year, which I think is too bad because she won't be able to develop her skills the same way as if she would have been practicing every day. I think she is that kind of who relies heavily on these big flows of inspiration, and I just do not want to be like that. I have been tempted to be demotivated by the fact that she is so much better than me, when only practicing so little, but then I think that all my milage will eventually pay off. Nod 
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I have Sycra on my subscription list. He probably did do something similar and I just don't remember it xD That's cool though.

Ohhh I see. I guess it's good to get into the habit of drawing no matter what, as long as you're not hurting yourself in the process. Artists can get hand injuries. I agree. :) I draw every other day practically, I would draw everyday if I wasn't a writer as well XD I write everyday, generally because I like writing stories! Every if I don't feel like it. XD I find if I write anyway, I'll eventually become in tuned with it. :) So I can relate to that aspect.  I want to do creative work professionally one day as well, alongside my dream job as a professor of english.

I have friends like that too, maybe not artists - but just really intelligent people in general, who practically could hold an entire book in their heads xD My best friend in particular, is really good at critiquing my art and helping me write stories. I wish I could critique like him lol, but I try not to let it get to me. Some of my friends on dA are also pretty talented as well.. I've had to learn to build up my skill and not worry about how much better someone is at drawing than me. When you dwell on such, it makes you feel crappy, so I try to find joy in the little things <3
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Yes, especially since I only have a small tablet, my hand usually ends up pretty stiff after a couple of hours. But hey, writing is so cool! I don't to much of it in my spare time, but I think I am doing alright when doing it in school, but I much rather like to do design and motion graphic stuff. I love how creative jobs can be so different, but also there are so many rules and guides that apply for different fields. For instance both art and writing are focused on telling stories in the specific way you want to, and design is pretty much art, but assisting in conveying a particular meaning. 

I love learning new things, but there are so many different things in this world that seem so interesting, but I don't have time at all to do them all. This is actually a thought that I struggle with a lot, making me stressed out, and almost obsessed with always using my time right and being as productive as possible. But recently I had to realise that I should be doing whatever inspires me and makes me the happiest at the moment, instead of always striving for perfection. So right now I kind of feel guilty for not doing as much of design or photography, but then again I know that I will get back to it, and also art is something I am looking forward to every day.
Squee! excited happy 
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