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daily portrait (10/31)

Why have I never used this brush?? It's amazingg!!

Spent 2.5 hours on this.
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Much better than previous ones. :hug: I mean it's not that blurry anymore, it's more lifelike. :) 
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Thank you so much! Yes, I agree it looks a lot more organic with the edges textures and values. I'm not sure wether this succeeded by luck or by skills, so now I am kind of afraid to do more portraits, but I guess I've just gotta do it anyways.
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Well, changing something in your technique definitely helped! :) If I'm guessing right, you don't use that much soft-edged brushes or at least you correct the edges in the end. Just keep up the good work and the next one will be okay too. 
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Yeah, I did find a much better brush, which has hard edges and kinda bristled, which makes thing look a bit more painted or natural or something.
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And not blurry. :D