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Brilliant; I Love the idea of Ken Masters Shooting out a Turducken out of his palms; It's so Brilliant, I'm suprised he doesn't do that...

This actually makes COMPLETE And Total Sense; and Would Prefer THIS To Be True, than what We're being LEAD to believe by the Crewnivers...

She Looks ABSOLUTELY Beautiful; I Actually Love the Reboot, and I Don't care what ANYONE ELSE Thinks, It STILL has Morals, and Anyways,...

I Love the Way that You have Drawn Revali, the Rito Champion of Hyrule; who ACTUALLY Looks much more like an anthropomorphic Bird that ...


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Mennashi Dorobo
Name: Mennashi Dorobo
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Sexual Orientation: Only into getting different Faces
Occupation: Villain
Height: 7 feet
Weight: 250 LBs
Hair Color: None
Hair Type: Bald
Eye Color: None
Skin Color: Pale
Nationality: Japanese
School: None
Year: None
Distinguishing Features: No Face of his Own(He wears an Eye Mask and a Kerchief over his face to hide his lack of Facial Features)
Villain Profile
villain Name: Nopperabo
Costume: A Slenderman-Esque Suit
Quirk: Face Stealer(allows him to steal the face of anyone he wants)
Weapons: A Web/Net Cloth he puts over his Victims' Faces to steal them(He Doesn't kill them, He Just makes them temporarily Unconcious)
Gadgets/Tech: A Slime shooter that covers his targets' faces and vaccuums and transfers the face over to his own
Likes: getting a Beautiful Face
Dislikes: Not having a Face, Getting Caught
Habits: Injuring his Targets so they cannot move or fight back, returning the faces before he gets caught
Fears: Getting Caught, being Insulted for his lack of a face
Family: NONE
Romantic Interests: NONE
Allies: NONE
Rivals: NONE
Enemies: All Might(He Once Stole it back, and gave it back due to finding out All Might's Secret, and his TRUE face; He has NO Interest in exposing him to the League of Villains, since He's Unaffliated with them.
Physical Weaknesses: Is extremely tall, which makes him prone to bump his head, and too easy to identify
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Hates Society and Other People due to him being ostracized due to his Lack of a Face
Name of His Quirk: Face Transfer
Description: Allows him to Steal the Faces of other people
Strength: Makes his Victims unconscious for an Hour,]
Weakness: Doesn't work on Animalistic Faces(like Nedzu, BearHead, Centipeder, Fumikage tokoyami, Terou Unagisawa, Monster Cat, Gang Orca, any Noumus, Selkie, Hound Dog, Habuko Mongoose, Godzillo, Innsmouth, Spinner, sansa tamakawa, Kenji Tsuragamae, Ganma Asui, etc) , only on Normal People like faces, with normal heads(He couldn't steal the faces of these people: Koji Koda, Manga Fukidashi, Kojiro Bondo, Shikkui Makabe, Nagamasa Mora, Kamui Woods, Backdraft, Gunhead, Snipe, Kesagiriman, Slugger, Snatch, Toxic Chainsaw, Sludge villain, Gust boy, Curator, Raputo Tokage , All for One, Kurogiri, Gigantomachia, Moonfish, Taishiro Toyomitsu, etc) and he can ONLY Steal 1 face at a time, and if he were to get knocked out Unconscious, He'd lose the face he stole)

Mennashi Dorobo @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 
Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia and all the canon/non-canon Heroes listed @ Kohei Horikoshi


Category: Phrase

I T ' S | N O T | R E G U L A R | S H O W | B U T| I T ' S | C L O S E | E N O U G H

Used Letter Section(All the Letters ALREADY in the Puzzle are listed here): I A S T O N E L C

Incorrect Guesses: F

State of the Hangman: Base of the Gallows

Winner: Tyler5544 

Evelyn Vyxxin
This is an OC I Made to Promote the Upcoming Pokemon Switch games; Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Let's Go Eevee; OBVIOUSLY This one is more Based off of Let's Go Eevee; She Loves Eevees, and all their Eeveelutions; and Has 4 of Each; 2 Shiny Pokemon of each gender AND 2 NON-Shiny Pokemon of each gender!! She wants to catch all the eeveelutions in the world; and be an Eevee & Eeveelution Master
Evelyn Vyxxin LOVES Eevees; and Eeveelutions;
She has these Pokemon:
 A Male Eevee Named Todd
 A Female Heart-shaped Tailed Eevee named Foxie 
 A Shiny Male Eevee named Silver
 A Shiny Female Heart-shaped Tailed eevee named Silveria
 A Shiny Male Flareon named Firefox
 A Shiny Female Flareon named Mozilla
 A Male Non-Shiny Flareon named Torch
 A Female Non-Shiny Flareon named Flame
 A Shiny Male Vaporeon named Seadog
 A Shiny Female Vaporeon named Misty
 A Male Non-Shiny Vaporeon named Dewford
 A Female Non-Shiny Vaporeon named Marsha
 A Shiny Female Jolteon named Electra
 A Shiny Male Jolteon named Volteon
 A Male Non-Shiny Jolteon named Kaminari
 A Non-Shiny Female Jolteon named Denki
 A Shiny Female Umbreon named Luna
 A Shiny Male Umbreon named Toddusk(Tod + Dusk)
 A Nonshiny Male Umbreon named Darkfox
 A Nonshiny Female Umbreon named Celina
 A Shiny Female Espeon Named Tatsumaki
 A Shiny Male Espeon named Shigeo
 A Male Non-shiny Espeon named Kageyama
 A Female Non-Shiny Espeon named Ruby
 A Shiny Male Glaceon named Shoto
 A Shiny Female Glaceon named Elsa
 A Non-Shiny Male Glaceon named Todoroki
 A Non-Shiny Female Glaceon named Snowball
 A Shiny Male Leafeon named Oak
 A Shiny Female Leafeon named Maple
 A Non-Shiny Male Leafeon named Leafox
 A Non-Shiny Female Leafeon named Evergreen
 A Shiny Male Sylveon named Sylvester
 A Shiny Female Sylveon named Blue
 A Non-Shiny Male Sylveon named Donut(IT'S LIGHT-ISH RED)
A Non-Shiny Female Sylveon named Ribbons

Evelyn Vyxxin @ me AKA LarioLario54321 
Pokemon, eevee & Eeveelutions alongside Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee Editions @ The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Trainer Creator @ Hapuriainen 
Rosuto Ushinawa/Mashita Mokuteki
Note: What is shown in the Picture is BEFORE she gave her body up to The Chimera Ant Queen to be reborn as a Chimera Ant

Human Name: [Rosuto Ushinawa]
Chimera Ant Name: [Mashita Mokuteki]
Aliases: [The Child without a Purpose; The Girl who gave up her Humanity; Lost Cause; Kid who wanted to become a Chimera Ant; the Girl who HATED Humanity; ]
Age: [12]
Birthday: [September 15th]
Gender: [Female]
Height: [4 Feet 11 Inches]
Weight: [100 LBs]
Appearance: [Green Turtleneck; Brown Pants; Shoes as Brown as her pants; Pale; Red Cat-like Eyes; Pink Blush, and 2 Pink Tattoos on her Dimples; Hair that strongly resembles Frisk/Chara/Dora's Hairstyle; When Human; However Once she was Eaten and then after Being Born after Forming within the Womb of the Chimera Ant Queen; She Now Resembles A Goat similar to Toriel, Asgore, & Asriel; with the Fluffy ears, the Snout, the Teeth, The Head-Horns; the Fangs, albeit with her Red Cat-like Eyes, and Her Brown Hair-style, and Retractable Claws on her hands, and her Paw-like Feet; and still has 5 fingers on each hand, and 5 Toes on each foot; An Oddity amongst what would OTHERWISE look like a COMPLETELY Anthromorphic Chimera Ant; though Still wears the Same Outfit she wore before Becoming A Chimera Ant(Probably because the Queen ate her FULLY CLOTHED)]
Personality: [Bitter/Resentful;Looking for somewhere to belong; Intrigued by the Chimera Ants; Determined; Vengeful; Disregarding any Human Traits to become Fully Chimera Ant]
Affiliation: [The Chimera Ants]
Occupation: [A Chimera Ant Soldier in Training]

Parent(s): [Tonchiki Ushinawa; An Abusive Father, who treated her like Property to Abuse; Meinu Ushinawa; A Mother that WASN'T ANY Better to her; Ignoring her abuse, and watching it with a Smug Look on her face; as Well as sometimes beating her up herself, as well as sometimes Even DOUBLE-TEAMING on her]
Friend(s): [Jail, Kurt, Cheetu, Welfin; Welfin; the Chimera Queen, whom she sees as her Mommy]
Romantic Interest(s): [Welfin(Similar Tragic Back Stories)]
Other(s): [Her 2nd Mother who ate her and turned her into a Chimera Ant; The Chimera Ant Queen; who was a MUCH Better mother to her than her First HUMAN Mother]

Nen Type: [Emitter; But Also Uses Enhancement & Manipulation due to 80% Effectiveness and More likely to be able to use them, even with said 20% isn't as strong;]
Nen Abilities: [Able to send out either Fireballs made of Nen at opponents from a Distance and/or Knives; including Possibly Flaming Knifes; as well Manipulating her Prey's Minds & Bodies to sacrifise themselves to feed her; That's how she Got her Vengance on her Abusive Parent; and Even Hardening an Already Existing Knife, NOT made of Nen, turning it Dark Red, and making it stronger]
Mental Abilities: [able to Figure out when someone's being Dishonest(Except to those She puts her ABSOLUTE Trust in, Like the Queen & Welfin, Her Love Interest, since She refuses to think they'd dupe her like that) to her; able to Figure Out what Nen would be most effective against a Particular Foe; Very Calculating in Plans]
Physical Abilities: [After becoming a Chimera Ant; Can lift up to 20 Times her Own Weight; able to Lift 1 Ton; aka 2,000 Lbs; has a Equally Large amounts of Stamina & Endurance; and clocks in at a speed of Mach 1, though admitedly isn't all that fast compared to the OTHER Chimera Ants]

(Stats are ranked from 1 to 5, Nen is the only one that can be a 0 if your OC doesn't know how to use it. Spirit is how mentally strong they are, Skill is how skilled they are in normal combat, Strength is how physically strong and athletic they are, Nen is how good they are with their Nen, Talent is how eccentric they are, and Intelligence is how smart they are. these aren't too important and mostly serve as a reference for a character's general abilities.)
Spirit- 5/5
Skill- 4/5
Strength- 5/5
Nen- 5/5
Talent- 3/5
Intelligence- 5/5

[When she was Younger, She was Constantly Physically & Emotionally Abused by her two TERRIBLE Parents; Being her Mom & Dad; and the fact that No one Bothered to Help her; caused her to HATE Humanity; as such She Ran Away, Initially to Kill herself; But Overhearing about these Creatures Called the Chimera Ants attacking people, She wanted in; so She Steadfastly went in search of the Chimera Ants & their Source of Origin and Queen; She was Captured by the Royal Guard; and after they asked for Any Last Words; she had a Request, to personally be Eaten by the Queen; since She Also Overheard that Some Humans that were Eaten got turned INTO Chimera Ants; and so She was Brought to the Queen, she was Swallowed by the Queen, and soon began forming within the Queen's Brood Belly]

[She DESPISES Humans; Hates Leol for DARING to Go against the Queen, and try to usurp the Colony under his claws; And Has ANOTHER Archnemesis; another Human who became a Chimera Ant; and her foil/Opposite: Yoki GyoNyūsei/ Mafetto Komo; I Based her Appearence & Hatred of Humanity off of Chara from Undertale; and Her Chimera Ant Transformation after The Dreemurr Family, I.E. Asgore, Toriel & Asriel]

Rosuto Ushinawa/Mashita Mokuteki, & Yoki Gyonyūsei/Mafetto Komo @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
Chara, Asriel, Toriel, Asgore @ @ Toby Fox
The Chimera Ants, Nen, Hunter X Hunter @ @ Yoshihiro Togashi
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 
Rosso Corsa
Introduction: This is Rosso Corsa, a Red Italian Bat Faunus, whose Parents are a Male Flying Fox(which is a BAT, NOT A FOX) Faunus named Rojo Corsa, And A Female Bat-earred Fox Faunus named Rose Corsa; Who is the OTHER one of Only 2 Living Remnants of Team SLVR(The Other one is his Childhood Best Friend/Romantic Interest Violet Bluereguard)

Name: Rosso Corsa

Age: 35

Color: Rosso Corsa(aka the Red International Motor Racing Color of cars entered by teams for Italy)

Race: Bat Faunus

Influence/reference: Italy, Gappy/Josuke Part 8/Hat Josuke(His Semblance's ability to Steal Friction)

Occupation/Setting: Second of 2 Living Remainders of Team SLVR, And Initial Co-Founder of the Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S (Services Combatting Against Racism & Violence while fighting Evil, Elitism, and Sectarianism) and also Part of Team LIVR(Lead by Lazuli Juhachi)

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: DemiHeteroromantic Demisexual(Only Has Romantic & UHHHHH... Venereal Interests in his Childhood Best Friend, Violet Bluereguard; NO ONE can even hold a Candle to  their 30+ years of Bonding)

Appearance: Rosso has Red Hair on his Head(along with Red Ears) and Red Stubble on the Sides of his Forehead, and has Hair on the Back of his head that goes down to the bottom of his Neck; He has a Scar under his Right Eye, and a Red Mustache(In-Universe He Grew a Mustache so that he wouldn't be Confused for a Girl; The Reason I Designed him this way, So He wouldn't end up looking like a girl, so same reason both In-universe & out); Wears a Red Vest & Turtleneck Tank Top, and Red Jeans, and no Shoes(He has Feet that allow him to Hang on Ceilings and Girders akin to a Bat Hanging Upside down; He got that from his Dad, and Goes Barefoot, since there ARE No Shoes and/or socks in his Foot-shape) He ALSO Has a Slender Albeit Non-Muscular Body(No visible Abs); and He's VERY Short(Like Edward Elric, He's Quite Sensitive & VERY Touchy about his Height)

Personality: He's Friendly, Outgoing, and Very Talented, and Altruistic, He Hates Racism, and Holds his Heroes, aka Silver & Lapis Juhachi in HIGH Regard, and Gets FURIOUS If someone either Insults his and His Wife's Heroes, and if someone threatens His Wife; He often Kisses His Wife, aka Violet Bluereguard Passionately; He's Strategic, A Very Good Planner, and He is Intellegent(in a Different Way from his Wife, however they're both VERY Intellegent at what each one does best, but really cannot do each others' jobs as good as their Designated Jobs) He Also Gets Steamed whenever Someone calls him or mistakes him as a Female(Luckily Thanks to his Mustache, He doesn't get this comment anymore)

Skills and Abilities:  He's Very Strong, He's VERY Creative, and Technologically, and Mechanically Gifted, able to MAKE any Gadget, any Weapon, and Any cool functional Device; He's also EXTREMELY Musically Gifted; He Can Play ANY INSTRUMENT, Although he prefers to Play the Drums, He's a Percussional Maestro, who can play ANY Sets of Drums with such ease and Such Passion; He's Equal in talent to Darth Algar(Darth means Dark, and since the RWBYverse's Version of Garth has BLACK Hair, Especially under the Color Laws set in place by montyoum ) at the Drums, He's also as talented at Drumming, as Dana Carvey(as scene when he portrays garth playing the drums in THIS Classic Scene From the first Wayne's World movie: ; In Fact He Built his OWN Drum Kit Similar to the Drums in that Scene(Which his Drum Concerts also one of 2 Major Fundings of the Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S I'll get to the OTHER Main Source of Income for the Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S At a Later Point) and even built his OWN Weapon based partially off of a Drum; He's also able to Sew & Stitch, and Work with Fabrics

Weapon(s) and fighting style:

He Fights using a Drum Mallet(He Made it himself) called  Cherry Tom-Tom(it's as red as a Cherry) which is a Pair of 2 Tom-Toms with a Tough-Unbreakable Cover on them that he can strike Opponents with(as well as Giving his Wife Some EXTRA Momentum, Strength, and Speed when she's Inflated); and Also Rides and Rolls on his Wife(akin to Laylee riding on Yooka) to control where she goes, and Steal her Friction so she keeps on Moving Forwards, without stopping too early.

Aura/Semblance: Semblance is called Slip N Slide, which takes away Friction from anything he focuses his Aura into, and Makes anyone who tries to catch him, end up Slipping around as they're no friction between the Ground and their Feet

Backstory/History: He was once a VERY Young Boy, Raised by his 2 Parents In Menagerie, who one Day met A BEAUTIFUL Hedgehog Faunus, and have formed a Lifelong Bond with each other, they Did EVERYTHING Together, They Eventually Married, and went off to see the World; But One Fateful day, they were assaulted By A Street Rat Human, who was Oggling and Grabbed her and tried to Kiss her, Rosso Was furious and Attacked him, which Resulted in him Getting that Scar under his Right Eye, But Luckily when he was about to Assault them BOTH, A Man with Silver Hair and Silver eyes(Silver Juhachi) and a Lady with Blue Hair and Wearing a Blue Robe(Lapis Juhachi) Rescued them, and Escaped living the Hoodlum in the Fog. They eventually became a Beacon for Faunuskind known as Team SLVR, And Were Admired by Faunus Everywhere, However Because Ghira Stepped down as Leader of the White Fang(when He WAS in Charge, Team SLVR was Admired and revered), and Sienna Kahn was left in Charge, Salem Ordered Adam Taurus to Order his Lapdogs to Kill them, as they stood in the Way of His & Salem's Plans to Eradicate Humanity, And While they DID Successfully Murder Silver Juhachi (Killed by Lavender Sumac) and His Wife Lapis(Killed by Umber Blindeye) thanks to their Semblances and Teamwork, they successfully Escaped from Basil & Bergamot!! they then formed the Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S. A Fragment of White Fang Members that STILL Admired Silver & Lapis Juhachi, and Didn't agree with Sienna Kahn's More Terrorist-like Methods. 

Team: Team SLVR(Pre-Season 1), Team LIVR(Seasons 4-onwards)

Themes:… Roundball Rock Original by John Tesh, Remix made by Nitroeng… AKA A Mashup of Nintendo's SMG2 Final Boss Battle & Carbohydromusic's Rock Cover of the same theme

(Simultaneously with Violet Bluereguard) "We Will Follow through with Your Vision, Silver & Lapis" 

The Red S.C.A.R.V.E.S, Rosso Corsa & His Wife Violet Bluereguard, Silver & Lapis Juhachi, Team SLVR, Lazuli Juhachi, Team LIVR, Bergamot Loborange, Basil Redwolfe, Lavender Sumac, and Umber Blindeye @ Me aka LarioLario54321 
The White Fang, RWBY, Sienna Kahn, Adam Taurus @ montyoum 
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 
Gappy/Josuke part 8/Hat Josuke @ Hirohiko Araki
Garth Algar @ NBC
Elphaba Westgreen
Introduction: This is the Tragic Villain who is The TRUE Mastermind and Supervisor of Team GNJR, For Her Vendetta of Revenge against Professor Ozpin, General Ironwood, Professor Lionheart(she was Pleased to find out that he was Killed; Traitor rewarded as a Traitor Deserves after all), Qrow Branwen, and Glynda Goodwitch

Name: Elphaba Westgreen(Formerly Compassjade)

Age: 44

Color: Green(her Hair, Her Robes, Her Clothes, her Eye COLOR, AND Her Hat

Race: Human

Influence/reference: Elphaba Thropp AKA The Wicked Witch of the West

Occupation/Setting: Mastermind who Built a Base of Operations where Beacon Academy used to be(Before then, It was in Some Dark Undisclosed Area on the outer parts of the Kingdoms)

Gender: Female

Appearance: She UNLIKE Her Inspiration, doesn't have Green Skin; But DOES have Green Hair, and wears Green All Over; She Wears the STEREOTYPICAL Wicked Hat, and wears a Green Turtleneck, and Robe

Personality: She's Bitter and has HUGE RESENTMENT Towards the People Who have Wronged her, Professor Lionheart(Was A Traitor out of fear; and as such, She was Pleased to find out he got killed for his Cowardice by Salem and her Cronies in Season 5) General Ironwood(took credit for Penny Polendina's Creation alongside the Unnamed Scientist Not Mentioning her, and Erasing ALL Mentions of her Help in Creating a Robot with a Soul & Semblance) Qrow Branwen(Saved his Life, but He Left without Thanking her, Which came across to her as Thankless & Thoughtless for a guy whose Life she saved), Ozpin(For Letting the Bad Guys get away with their Actions, which is WHY They were Losing), Glynda Goodwitch(for Killing her Sister, Esther Eastgreen; I.E. Easter Compassjade); As Such she has Targeted their Trump Cards(aka the Eventual Team RWBY), So She Recruited 4 Doppelgangers to attack the Homes of the Counterpart of the Foes of their Fairy Tale(The RUBY Lookalike targetted the Equivalent to the Big Bad Wolf; the YANG Doppelganger attacked a Village based off of the 3 Bears; The Weiss Imposter attacked the Counterpart of the Evil Queen; the Blake Doppelganger attacked an Equivalent to Gaston); She's very Elaborate at Planning, and knows how people think, and plans accordingly

Skills and Abilities: She's a Master Planner, She's Able to figure out what they would do; and knows Ozpin's Group to know what their plan of action is; She's able to Use the Wind to her advantage, AND Control it. She's unable to Swim, and Is Weakened & harmed by Water. Water on her skin is akin to Acid to any normal person; She can Live off of Broth, or any NON-Water Liquid Norishment

Weapon(s) and fighting style:
She Uses a Shotgun Umbrella Shield(To Fly Akin to Mary Poppins, and shoot akin to a Brella Weapon from Splatoon 2; as well as Protect her From Water; Water is lethal to her; it burns her Skin like Acid would to any other person) which she uses to Shoot from far away, and Shield her from Shots, and Water; She can Use the Wind to Carry her even when in the air; She Fights from a Distance

Aura/Semblance: Her Semblance is Wind Control, which she can use to make her appear to fly in the air, and Redirect attacks, and fly away.

Backstory/History: She was once a Benefactor to Ozpin and his Crew, But in a Tragic Fashion akin to the Book & Musical known as Wicked, they ended up Betraying her, even when she was trying to help them; Lionheart Was a Traitor, even though she saved his Life(She was delited to find out he got killed; one down, the rest of them to go); Qrow Didn't even thank her before Leaving her behind after She saved his Life; Ozpin didn't do anything to stop the enemies of Humanity, and let them infiltrate their schools; Goodwitch KILLED Her Sister; As Such She was no longer gonna help them, and She was gonna make them pay for all that those ungrateful Scumbags did to her

Themes:… No Good Deed goes Unpunished by Stephen Schwartz

Quotes: You'll ALL Pay for what you DID to Me, Group of Ozpin; You'll soon regret Betraying the one who did So much Good for you and regret stabbing me in the back; It's PAYBACK TIME!!

emblem: (It's a Green Compass pointing west with an Arrow Shaped like a Hat pointing towards a Big Green W

Elphaba Westgreen, Team GNJR, Esther Eastgreen & Team GMBG @ ME AKA LarioLario54321 
Glynda Goodwitch, Professor Ozpin, General Ironwood, Qrow Branwen, Professor Lionheart & RWBY @ montyoum 
Elphaba Thropp @ Winnie Holzman
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 

What if; After All Might told him he COULDN'T be a Hero without a Quirk; Izuku took it as poorly and Bitterly as Buddy Pines, Becoming a Syndrome-Esque Villain; I'd Phreaking LOVE to see a Syndrome-Esque Izuku; complete with the Mask, the Suit, etc.

Journal History

Category: Phrase

I T ' S | N O T | R E G U L A R | S H O W | B U T| I T ' S | C L O S E | E N O U G H

Used Letter Section(All the Letters ALREADY in the Puzzle are listed here): I A S T O N E L C

Incorrect Guesses: F

State of the Hangman: Base of the Gallows

Winner: Tyler5544 



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