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I Fit this Picture to be rather fitting for the Both of them; Mainly because of the Fact that Izuku's First Hero Costume has those Bunn...

She is absolutely Beautiful; I Love the Idea of the variation of the Classic Fairy Tale where Little Red Riding Hood was a Werewolf; Se...

Brilliant; I Love the idea of Ken Masters Shooting out a Turducken out of his palms; It's so Brilliant, I'm suprised he doesn't do that...

This actually makes COMPLETE And Total Sense; and Would Prefer THIS To Be True, than what We're being LEAD to believe by the Crewnivers...


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LarioLario54321's Profile Picture
United States


Yuki Todoroki
Name: Yuki Todoroki
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Occupation: Student 
Height: 5 Feet 9.25 Inches(Same as his Father when he was his age)
Weight: 170 Lbs
Hair Color(s): Black & White
Hair Type: Bi-colored
Left Eye Color: Black
Right Eye Color: Grey

Skin Color: Pale
Nationality: Japanese
School: U.A.
Distinguishing Features: His Bi-colored Hair; His Heterochromia; Him being Right-handed
Hero Profile
Hero Name: Ice Cold Hero: Zettaireido(Absolute Zero; like the Coldest temperature where there's no Motion)
Costume: The Suit is similar to Ghaccio's Stand White Album though Is Light Blue & Dark Red(the color schemes of his MOM & DAD); except for the horned Helmet; He Instead has a Toboggan & A Breathable Facial Mask to cover his Mouth. . .
Quirk: Cryokinetic Constructs
Weapons: he can create his own, thank you very much
Gadgets/Tech: none
Likes: Ice Skating, Cold Food, His Dad Icyhot, His Uncle-in-law Ingenium II, His Mom Creati, His Cousin Samui Iida, Competing with his Younger Fraternal Twin Sister, Homura Todoroki, Ice Sculptures, Winter
Dislikes: Hot Food, Spicy Food, Overheating, Summer, His Grandfather(though not as much as his Twin Sister; for reasons explained in her bio)
Habits: Sleeping in the Walk-in Freezer, 
Fears: Being Upstaged by his sister; Losing his family
Family: Creati(His Mom; Momo Todoroki), Icyhot(His dad; Shoto Todoroki), Ingenium II(His Uncle-in-law; Tenya Iida), Ingenium I(Tensei Iida; His Cousin's Dad); Fuyumi Todoroki(His Aunt), Natsuo Todoroki(His Uncle), Touya Todoroki/Dabi(His Uncle), Ingenium III(His Cousin; Samui Iida), His Younger Fraternal Twin Sister(Homura Todoroki)
Romantic Interests: Hagetako Sohei(A Air-Manipulating Bald Female Monk; who's a Female Aang that's the older sister of a Toph Expy that's interested in Hebimi Akama; Both in Class 1-B)
Allies: Bensekiko Ranpo, Samui Iida, Jack Midoriya, Kinko Besu
Rivals:Homura Todoroki
Enemies: Dabi, Shigaraki & His League(and his Quirkless Successor; Ikariko Gunshi); Hero Killer Spinner;
Physical Weaknesses: Can only create so much with his ice After a long period since he last ate Cold Food; Needs to have Eaten Cold Food to Use His Quirk; 
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: none
Name of his quirk: Cryokinetic Constructs
Description: Creates Items out of Ice; No Knowledge of Chemical Structure needed
Strength: Can create anything out of ice, without needing knowledge of its chemical structure;
Weaknesses: Can Break & Melt; and needs cold fold consumption to activate, and only can go so long without refueling
What age did his obtain it: 7
How did he obtain it (what was happening at the time): snowball fight

Yuki Todoroki, Bensekiko Ranpo, Samui Iida, Jack Midoriya, Kinko Besu, Concepts for BNHA: The Next Generation @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
Ghiaccio & White Album(the stand) @ Araki Hirohiko
BNHA: Dabi, Shigaraki, Spinner, Izuku, Shoto, Fuyumi, Touya, Natsuo, Endeavour, Momo, Tenya, Tensei & BNHA @ Kohei Horikoshi
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 
Aozorako Makabe
Name: Aozorako Makabe
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Occupation: U.A. Student
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 150
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Stiff
Right Eye Color: Red(Like her Mommy)
Left Eye Color: Light blue(Like her Daddy)
Skin Color: Blue
Nationality: Japanese
School: U.A. High
Distinguishing Features: her Blue skin; Her Heterochromia; 
Hero Profile
Hero Name: Lady Armstrong
Costume: A Black Sleeveless Unitard(that completely covers her Funbags); with A Holster on her back for a Bo Staff, And a Doronjo-Styled Mask with an A on it
Quirk: Blackening
Weapons: A Bo staff she can harden and make black
Gadgets/Tech: none
Likes: Martial Arts, , Lemillion, Deku, Reel Steel, Red Riot, Kinzokuken Tetsutetsu, Okisakokako Kirishima(Daughter of Red Riot & Yui Kodai), Training, Range attacks with her Bo Staff, Hand-to-hand Sparring, Battle Fist, Rule
Dislikes: Ground Zero/Bakugou, The Meta Liberation Army, the Quirk Supremecy Clan, and the Fumon-Dan(Gang of Ignorance), Endeavour,  
Habits: Blackening & stiffening up her body whenever she recieves Physical Trauma
Fears: Her Staff breaking; Being rejected by those she admires[Like her Role Models; Red Riot & Real Steel; she's their Number 1 Fangirl; she has as much Real Steel, Red Riot, and Even CRIMSON Riot merchandise in her room; as Deku had All Might Merchendise; even a Combination Steel Riot Cosplay Costume that combines Red Riot's Costume with a Body Suit that makes her resemble the Completely Steel form of Real Steel(That goes from the Head/facial mask, to the gloved sleeves to the footed pants)];
Family: Shikkui Makabe(Her Dad), Tsuyoi Makabe/Amazon(Her Mother), Unsho Kurohaki(Her Maternal Grandfather)
Romantic Interests: Kinko Besu(Her Boyfriend)
Allies: Yamikumo/Jack Midoriya, Samui Iida/Ingenium III, Yuki Todoroki/Zettaireido, Naoru Izumi/Kelpie, Hoshiyoru Usagi/Tsusagi, Kinzokuken Tetsutetsu/Metal Fist, Chocho Kumokashi/Queen Butterfly
Enemies: Quirk Supremecy Clan; Hero Killer Spinner; Shigaraki & His League of Villains, The Meta Liberation Army, The Clan of Ignorance; Suji Shokaki
Physical Weaknesses: Doesn't have Infinite Stamina & Endurance; so Her Blackening can Only last as long as she has enough energy, Stamina, & Endurance to maintain it; once she gets tired, It gets weaker
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Gets distraught whenever she disappoints her idols
Name of her quirk: Blackening
Description: Can harden her body in response to physical trauma & Willpower; Can Spread the Black & Hardness to things she can touch 
Strength: Is able to work on Her Body AND on things she holds; can Harden her Body in response to physical trauma
Weaknesses: Can Only Stay Hardened for so long; she doesn't have Infinite Stamina, Energy OR Endurance to keep it on
What age did she obtain it: 5
How did she obtain it (what was happening at the time): She Punched A Punch Machine very hard and broke it, with her Arm being Black(but not bruised)

Aozorako Makabe/Lady Armstrong, Yamikumo/Jack Midoriya, Samui Iida/Ingenium III, Yuki Todoroki/Zettaireido, Naoru Izumi/Kelpie, Hoshiyoru Usagi/Tsusagi, Kinzokuken Tetsutetsu/Metal Fist, Chocho Kumokashi/Queen Butterfly, Quirk Supremecy Clan, The Clan of Ignorance; Suji Shokaki, Kinko Besu, Unsho Kurohaki, Tsuyoi Makabe/Amazon, Okisakokako Kirishima & the Boku No Hero Academia: The Next Generation AU @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
Shigaraki, Deku, Bakugou, Red Riot, Real Steel, Crimson Riot, Boku No Hero Academia, League of Villains, Spinner, Lemillion, Shikkui Makabe @ Kohei Horikoshi
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 

Note: This does NOT need to tie in with canon; even if the Show goes in a completely different direction from the fundamental elements of this AU; THIS AU won't be changed to fit canon. . . and Takes place 30 years after the beginning of BNHA. . . and the main cast had been aged up 30 years; including Eri & Kota, who are a Couple; Eri's the School Nurse(She has the perfect quirk for it; even better than Recovery Girl; as in that 30 years, she's finally mastered how to use it without erasing the person out of existence) [P.S. Even though Shigaraki has been confirmed to be a Sociopath hfilbent on Destroying Everything; I'm not gonna include that Aspect; as it's detrimental to my Plans for this AU'S Story; P.S. I Already Said this AU: My Hero Academia: The Next Generation WOULDN'T Tie In with Canon Details. . .]

I. Teachers

  A. Homeroom teacher: Hitoshi Shinso/Hivemind

  B. Foundational Hero Studies: Izuku Midoriya/Deku

  C. English Teacher: Michael Chestnut/Foreigner Shinobi Hero: Akakage[ Michael Chestnut by LarioLario54321; Please don't sue me GaijinGoombah; He's not quite one to one with the real you. . . as he's got differences from you. . . like not having any siblings. . . ]

  D. Modern Hero Art History Teacher: Gakako Inueiga/Animation Heroine:Sakuga[Named after the animation technique; where one scene in an animation has much more fluid animation at one point than the rest of the animation; she resembles an Anthropomorphic Scribbles the dog from Scribble Kibble by CrownePrince albeit without a tail, and with humanoid feet(due to the Toe Test; needing Humanoid feet to work. . .); She can create animations in real life; and rewind them, and fast-forward them; and in any style; i.e. Rotoscoping, Limited animation, and even high quality sakuga animation; Albeit. . . Sakuga-quality animation is very taxing on her. . . Physically & Mentally. . . so she often opts for the best looking, for the least amount of effort]

  E. Mathematics Teacher: Haiiroko Uchuujin/ Grey Alien Heroine: Tensai  Haiiroko Uchuujin by LarioLario54321

* F. Modern Literature Hero: Omuko Saiensuru/ Repeating Heroine: Playback[She resembles an Anthropomorphic African Grey Parrot; Complete with Grey Feathery Fingered Wings for arms, like a Rito from BOTW. . . albeit with humanoid Feet(again, 2 WORDS; TOE TEST; Albeit the Same Color as the actual feet of an African Grey Parrot, though with the shape of a human feet; since otherwise the Toe Test would be impossible). . . She has the Powers of Jessica Ruiz from 2011's version of the Electric Company; able to replay any audio that's heard; including shaking her head while making L Signs with her hands on each side of her; and even has the ability to Imitate voices perfectly. . .]

II. Students

1. Jack Midoriya(Son of Izuku & Ochako; Quirkless; wants to be a Beacon of Hope to the Quirkless that You don't need a quirk to be a hero) Jack Midoriya by LarioLario54321

2. Samui Iida(Daughter of Tensei Iida & Fuyumi Todoroki; Has an Engine in her back) Samui Iida by LarioLario54321

3. Yuki Todoroki(Son of Shoto Todoroki & Momo Yaoyorozu; Older of two Fraternal twins; by 2 Minutes) Yuki Todoroki by LarioLario54321

4. Kinko Besu[Son of Mina Ashido & Eirian Besu(A Fanmade OC; that Looks like a  Sky Blue Xenomorph Body with the head of a Human and White Irises and Dark Blue Eyes, and with softer hands and humanoid feet. . . and Has the quirk; Base; which allows him to make Bases as weak as Soap, or As Strong as Bleach); has the quirk Equilibrium; which allows him to use both Acids AND Bases; and can even negate the two of them; and is Light Purple. . .] Kinko Besu by LarioLario54321

5. Rokku Kaminari[Son of Denki Kaminari & Jirou Kyoka; can discharge Electricity out of his Earphone Jacks]

6. Naoru Izumi[Son of Eri & Kota Izumi; Has The Ability to Produce Water that can Heal people and reverse any injuries] Naoru Izumi by LarioLario54321

7. Hoshiyoru Usagi[Fan-made character; Son of Ninjin Usagi(  Ninjin Usagi by LarioLario54321), & Joohachi Usagi(A Bee-lady)] Hoshiyoru Usagi by LarioLario54321

8. Hebimi Akama[Son of Habuko Mongoose & Mashu Akama]

9. Aozorako Makabe[Daughter of Shikkui Makabe & Tsuyoi Kurohaki] Aozorako Makabe by LarioLario54321

10. Hampton Winston[A Male British Exchange Student who has a Mutant-type quirk that allows him to carry things in his Extremely Stretchy cheek pouches]

11. Kinzokuken Tetsutetsu[Son of TetsuTetsu Tetsutetsu & Itsuka Kendo; who can Grow his fists and cover them in Metal]

12. Karasuko Tokoyami[Bird Daughter of Fumikage Tokoyami, and Tsuyu Asui]

13. Bensekiko Ranpo[An Analytical Girl; who's Deku's successor to OFA; And  already had an Analytical Quirk that gives her the ability to see angles and change trajectories like JJ Powell from No Ordinary Family; She reminded Izuku of his Younger self. . . she even figured out how to use Full Cowl at a much earlier state due to her analysis quirk being able to sense her power output, and adjust it accordingly to prevent severe Recoil Damage to herself; And No; Bensekiko & Jack DON'T Get along; Jack is in certain ways the OPPOSITE of His Father. . .]

14. Chocho Kumokashi: Basically her:  Chocho Kumokashi by LarioLario54321

15. Budoko Minoru[Daughter of Mineta Minoru & Kyuri Mizukame(A Kappa-esque Girl; who's basically Mineta's own Mineta; a Girl that does to him what he does to other girls); Don't Worry; Mineta's Dead; He was killed in the line of heroics; and None of those who filed restraining orders & Charges of Sexual harassment ever shed a single tear; they celebrated it; the only one who didn't; was Kyrui Mizukame; the Gassy Heroine: Tsukemasu; The only lady that would've enjoyed his harassment, and the only woman he was unwilling to sexually harass; since, LIKE I SAID, She's Mineta's own personal Mineta. . . a Pervy Lady that even makes HIM Uneasy. . . and does to him what he tries to do to other girls. . .; Don't worry; Budoko's more than just a Role Reversal of her Daddy; She's Smart, Cunning, Confident, respects other people's limits(especially since she doesn't want to get herself expelled, like her father SHOULD'VE been, especially since the extent of what perversety is allowed until expelled, is much less leniant then it was 30 years ago; and also is kind enough to prevent OTHER Perverts from peeping on the girls(ESPECIALLY Rokku Kaminari; her Boyfriend. . . since she wants HIM all to herself) they're also into Anime about Robot Sentai; and an Old TV Show called Toasterhead & the Appliandroids; featuring Toasterhead(who can shoot toasted bread out of his head; comes in handy whenever he needs to feed the hungry, who cannot provide for themselves), Denki Mofu(An Electric Blanket-like robot that can wrap-around foes to electricly shock them & provide warmth to friends & Allies, and Citizens in need), Shinkuman, Flash Lamp(A Lamp-headed Android who can light up his lightbulb like a Flashbang, or The Strobulb from Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Luigi's Mansion 3DS Remake, and Luigi's Mansion 3, to stun enemies and immobilize them), Mr. Musen(A Radio-headed Android; who's also the one who taps into their foes' transmissions) along with the creator & Mechanic, Robert Shuriko; and His Wife Claire]

16. Zàishēng Rin[Daughter of Setsuna Tokage & Hiryu Rin; Can encase herself in Scales, and shoot them, Split herself into different parts; and regenerate limbs & scales. . .]

17. Gelisa Caltowie [An Australian Chick with Blond Feather-like Hair; who can turn into a Blond Feathery Utahraptor; with Enhanced Eyesight, Eyeshine(able to see at night), Enhanced Senses, speed, stamina, & endurance; based off of Diego Brando(except with Feathers, like REAL DINOSAURS] 

18. Vita Aureo[A Blond Italian/Japanese Girl; whose quirks can turn Inanimate Objects into living things, and vice versa; akin to GioGio(Whom I based her off of; albeit as a Hero); Golden Heroine: Moses; due to being able to turn a Staff into a Snake. . .]

19. Johanna Rippley[A Blue haired British girl; Whose Quirk is basically Hamon from Jojo part 1 & 2]

20. Martha/Maasa Shirohi[A Bi-racial Hafujin, that has an American Gaijin/Foreigner Father, and a Japanese Ninhonjin Mother; Who wants to become a Hero to Serve her country; she has pride in her country; the one she was born in; the One her Father now lives in; Her Mom is the one who's usually away at her job. . . a Role Reversal of Traditional Japanese Work Culture; where the MAN is the one who's forced to work so much they often never get the chance to see their children. . . She has a quirk that can warp her away to another dimension by putting 2 things in-between something; and UNLIKE Her Male Villainous Inspiration, I.E. Funny Valentine(I Made them foils; I.E. Maasa's Female, and Funny's Male; Funny's an American Antagonist, Maasa's a Biracial hafujin Protagonist, She has her father in her life, every incarnation of his daddy died fighting for his country, Even her japanese surname, is an opposite of Valentine's last name; as it refers to a japanese holiday known as White Day; Shiro is white in japanese; Hi is the japanese word for day; and refers to a Man returning gifts to a Ladyfriend, like Cookies, Jewlery, White Chocolate, white Lingerie, and the Most Cruelest Form of rejection there is; Marshmellows; etc), She can even bring in other versions of herself to fight alongside her; and Unlike Funny; She's not gonna bring another person into another world, and negate their existance by forcing another person to collide with their alternate dimensional counterpart; as that's not heroic, and It jeopardizes her reputation in BOTH Dimensions. . .]

*Side Note: In Popular Media; I've only Seen African Grey Parrots as Villains; I.E. Mark Beaks from Ducktales 2017, and Professor Pericles from Scooby Doo; So I Decided to make an African Grey Parrot-esque Character that WASN'T an Antagonist/Jerk; and was a Hero. . . and a Decent Character[lovable Personality(NO I DO NOT MEAN UGLY; when I Say Lovable Personality I Mean exactly as it literally sounds like; a Personality that makes a person likable)]

Jack Midoriya
Name: Jack Midoriya
Bases(Plural of Basis): Name Comes from Izuku's Early Prototype from the My-Hero Oneshot from 2008: Jack Midoriya; Hero Name: From another Prototype of Izuku; Akatani Mikumo
Motivation for Heroism: To Be A Source of Inspiration to the remaining 1,506,000,000 Quirkless people world wide[That's 20% of the World's Population], To Prove to His Dad that he's not gonna let Quirkless stop him from becoming a Pro Hero; He doesn't care for the Money, The Fame, or the Rank; He doesn't give a Rat's Rear End about Being Number 1; He just wants to Show Society that You don't need a quirk to succeed in life, or in heroism; and He's willing to Die to prove Quirkless Lives matter; That It doesn't matter whether you have a quirk or not; since He'll be the Symbol of Inspiration; and a Beacon of Hope for all the Quirkless people who would be outcasts. . . like Mirio Togara was(who saved 1,000,000 people; WITHOUT A QUIRK Which also gave traction to the Quirkless Lives Matter Movement(A Movement composed of the 20% of the world's Population that want to end all those Suicides of Quirkless People) ; Much to the anger & outrage to the Meta Liberation Army, The Gang Of Ignorance, AND The Quirk Supremecy who had Him taken Out; By A Leader worse than Redestro; who wants the genocide of all Quirkless people;
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Student at U.A. 30 Years after the First Chapter/Episode
Height: 5' 5''
Weight: 150
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Type: Similar to His Dad
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: White
Nationality: Japanese
School: U.A.
Year: 1st
Distinguishing Features: His Determination; His Quirklessness; His Rock-Hard Abs(from Working out, and Training to prove Society Wrong about Quirkless being Worthless & Useless as heroes. . . using Gadgets, Martial arts, and Weapons to give himself an advantage; Tsarime Eyes
Hero Profile
Hero Name: Quirkless Hero: Yamikumo(meaning Reckless; since He's ballsy enough to become a hero without a Quirk; and only using Martial Arts, Gadgets(Including the Nullifier Goggles that act like Eraserhead's quirk) and Weapons 
Alpha First Costume(Prototype): A Brown version of Yamikumo's Outfit. . .
Current Costume: A Skull-covering Black Ski Mask(Complete with a Bowl-cut styled design on top akin to Moe Howard) and A Bright Orange Jumpsuit(An Orange version of Rock Lee's Outfit) with a Utility Belt, and Green Leg Warmers[He got the idea from an Inspiring Fanfiction; about a Boy named Akatani Mikumo inspired by a Quirkless 1st-year Sports festival winner named Chi Jun-fan; who then Inspires him to follow his guidelines; in exercise & in Life; basically an in-universe variation based off of this fanfiction:… that changes the names and identities to prevent Lawsuits from Heroes in universe & Other Mangaka]
Quirk: N/A
Weapons:A Bo-Staff that Can Twist and Seperate into Eskrima Sticks
Gadgets/Tech: Nullifer Goggles, Capture Scarf, Hover Boots, A Jet-pack; A Grappling Hook-gun
Likes: Katsudon, Training; Being a Hero; Analyzing Quirks & exploiting their Weaknesses in Combat; Fighting; After learning from a Martial Artist named Lee-Chan; i.e. the Martial Artist hero: Wǔshù long; gave him a "the reason you suck speech" not about him losing his dream of becoming a quirkless hero; but about him going it the wrong way; with Petty Rivalries, and how that holds him back and is counter-productive to bettering himself enough to become a hero) Lemillion(A Martyr for the Quirkless Lives Matter, and became the First Quirkless Pro Hero 10 years before this AU; and Has Several Lemillion themed merchandise, like a Mirio Faced Clock; and a Lemillion Onesie; and some Knuckleduster fan-made merchandise)
Dislikes: Ground Zero, Endeavour, Quirkless being dismissed as unfit to be heroes and fit in society, Bensekiko Ranpo; Suji Shokaki, Being Laughed at for his goals; Being Dismissed due to his quirklessness; even by his Dad, who WAS Quirkless, and Plans on becoming what His Dad NEVER Could be; a quirkless Hero; The Meta Liberation Army(Who views him as a threat to their views of Quirk Supremecy; as If a Quirkless person becomes a Hero; Quirks won't be as Important to society; and they want him taken out while he's still learning; to snuff his Influence before it even starts), The Clan of Ignorance(Several Members of the Clan of Ignorance are also alligned with the Meta Liberation army)
Habits: Training his body to be stronger; Pushing his Limits;
Fears: His Life Choices once he dies, being ALL for Nothing; and being remembered as an Idiot Hero with impossible dreams; and The Quirkless still being oppressed and their dreams being rejected like his; or worse; being absolutely FORGOTTEN by those whom he wanted to Inspire
Family: Inko Midoriya(Paternal Grandma), Hisashi Midoriya(Paternal Grandpa), Izuku Midoriya/Deku(Father), Ochako Uraraka/Uravity(Mother), Koumi Midoriya(Older Twin Brother; by 5 Minutes), Tatsuko Midoriya(Younger Sister who looks up to him, and Believes in him & His Cause), 
Romantic Interests: Karasuko Tokoyami(Bird-headed Daughter of Tsuyu Asui & Fumikage Tokoyami)
Allies: His Classmates, Nentoko Togata[The Quirked Daughter of Mirio Togata & Nejire Hado; childhood friends; She moved away 10 years ago to safety in America; and attends Shiketsu High]
Rivals: Bensekiko Ranpo[His Dad's Successor to OFA; and they don't get along; since He disagrees with her needing to get an Enhancement to a Quirk she ALREADY had. . . though eventually loses his grudge after the Internship arc; due to his Sponsor's speech; and roots for her to become number 1, since That's not really his goal; He doesn't care about being number 1; He just wants to prove to the world that a Quirkless Person CAN & Will be able to become a Pro Hero. . . just like Lemillion; He says; **** the Media, **** the 80% of the World's Population; **** Society's quirk-favored Society; **** The Meta Liberation Army; **** Everyone who tries to drag him down and steer him away from his Life's Goals
Enemies: Suji Shokaki[His Childhood Bully; who's basically his Bakagou(in some regards; an ANTI-BAKAGOU; In Both Quirk AND Admiring Endeavour's Depravity whereas Bakugou was disgusted by it); and even worse than Sasuke; only she got Punished for her actions; and Still did them; and got Expelled; and is a Sociopath; who admires Endeavour(Who had Relapsed into being even worse than he was before his Redemption arc; Once he'd been Surpassed; and Was Revoked of His Hero License once he was exposed as the monster he's always been; all his crimes being revealed; and Being Sent to Tartarus Prison) due to him being able to Harm and Hurt anyone else he wanted to; Not Caring about Property Damage, or Saving People; But being able to Exert Dominance and Abuse to Civilians & Villains & Vigilantes alike; Unlike His Dad with Ground Zero(Bakugou's Hero Name), He Ratted out on her; AND Actually fought her; and Neither one was gonna apologize; since They weren't gonna lie about learning their lesson just to escape punishment; and Actually Opted to Join Shigaraki's League of Villains; Hoping to Topple Hero Society; to Bring a Dystopia where Civilians are just Kill Fodder. . ; though was kicked out when she butted heads with Shigaraki's Successor, and tried to attack her; She's known a Lone Villain Preying on the Weak & Helpless; and also Attacking any heroes who interfere with her Sadistic Endeavours.] Shigaraki & His League Of Villains; Hero Killer Spinner, Ikariko Gunshi/Hofuku[They're foils of each other; Both were born without a Quirk; Both of them led different paths; and have a personal vendetta against each other; She's Shigaraki's successor in training], The Meta Liberation Army[who's outright against the notion of his goal of becoming a 2nd Lemillion, as far as Quirkless Pro heroes go; as that would undermine their mission for Quirk Supremecy even further than it did 15 years ago; and Has Merged with the Quirk-Supremecy Clan led by the New Leader of the MLA after the death of Redestro; Daidaiiro Akachante/Ōrenji
Physical Weaknesses: Not having a Quirk
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Used to be triggered by any one laughing off his dreams of becoming a quirkless hero; but now is more determined to prove them all wrong; INCLUDING his Dad. . .
Here's where I Got the Screenshot for Yamikumo's Outfit Concept:…

Jack Midoriya/Yamikumo, Koumi, Tatsuko, Bensekiko Ranpo, Sujji Shokaki, Karasuko Tokoyami, and Other characters I've made & BNHA: The Next generation @ Me AKA LarioLario54321 
The ORIGINAL Jack Midoriya, My Hero Oneshot, Akatani Mikumo/ Original Yamikumo, BNHA, Izuku, Ochako, Inko, Hisashi, Bakugou, Shigaraki, Spinner, OFA, U.A. High, Tsuyu, Fumikage, Boku No Hero Academia @ Kohei Horikoshi
A Youthful Hero @ Limited Edge @…
Susie & Deltarune & Undertale @ Toby Fox
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 

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S N O W M A N : Y O U | C A N ' T | D R I V E | N O | F O R K L I F T |

B A N D I T : | I | C A N | D R I V E | A N Y | F O R K I N ' | T H I N G | A R O U N D

Used Letter Section(All Letters already used will appear here): C O W B U N M I L K S H A F T 

Incorrect Guesses: J P Z Q 

State Of the Hangman: Base of the Gallows, Neck of the Gallows, The Noose, The Head

Winner: sammychan816 

Michael Chestnut
Name: Michael Chestnut
Basis: GaijinGoombah based off the Foreigner Human(who takes his Hu-Min); and Shinobi
Gender: Male 
Age: 35
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Occupation: U.A. Class 1-A English Teacher 30 years after the beginning of BNHA
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 185 LBs
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Type:  Bushy
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Caucasian
Nationality: American turned Japanese; Gaijin turned Nihonjin(that's japanese for Foreigner turned Native)
School: Teaches at U.A. 
Year: 2nd year of teaching
Distinguishing Features: His Chin Hair(I'm not sure what that particular style/kind of facial hair is actually called)
Hero Profile
Hero Name: Foreigner Shinobi Hero: Akakage[that's Japanese for Red Shadow; the reason he's wearing red instead of Black(Modern Day due to Light Pollution; like modern day shinobi, such as Aizawa) or Blue like REAL Shinobi(and Like Edgeshot), back in the day before Light Pollution ever existed; the night sky was dark blue. . . as gaijin likes to say; Music Real ninja wear blue Music; It's because According to Japanese Folklore; Red Drives away D3M0NS; as that Red Color keeps the Shadowy Clan of Ignorance away & at bay. . . ]
Costume: A Red Ninja-esque Outfit; complete with wall-climbing gloves, and Wall-climbing Shoes
Quirk: Bushin No Jutsu(his version of it; is basically using the hand seals of shadow clone creation; but instead of being fake; they can cause real damage that feel real as they look; however they can be destroyed and puff up into smoke. . .)
Weapons: Kusarigama, Capture Scarf
Gadgets/Tech: Grappling Hook
Likes: Shinobi; Japanese Culture; Superheroes; Dajare(japanese puns), Cultural Sensitivity & Awareness, Quirkless, Aizawa, Edgeshot, His New Class(far more respectful, and more willing to learn what he has to teach than his previous class), People with Quirks similar to Japanese Mythological creatures like Kappa[Such as Mineta's Wife; whom has a bitter rivalry with Michael's Wife; since his interest in Japanese Ghost-inspired Quirks, and Kyuri Mineta(formerly Mizukame) keeps hitting on him; she's a Female counterpart Mineta after all who was originally Mineta's own Mineta; Tanookis, Foxes with many tails, etc. . .]
Dislikes: Racism, Rude Foreigner Vloggers that make things really hard for him, as a foreigner; since this disrespectful prick(one in particular; based off of a certain someone who will not be named) makes non-japanese people look bad; the Clan of Ignorance(Based off of the Fumon; even called the Fumon-dan; the Ignorance Gang), Bullies, Ground Zero(aka The new Number 2 hero; aka His Least favorite Pro Hero & Mine; Katsuki Bakugou), His 1st Class he taught full of Disrespectful Ignorant Brats who didn't care about what he had to teach them; The Meta Liberation Army(whom his archnemeses; The Clan of Ignorance having members that are apart of the Meta Liberation Army
Habits: Giving the Death Stare to Grape Juice while he was alive(for Leering & trying to rape his wife), Lightning staring against Capello Shojihige
Fears: Losing his Wife
Family: none
Romantic Interests: Raiko Chestnut(His Wife)
Allies: Hivemind(Hitoshi Shinso), Deku, Uravity[Became a Rescue Hero like her favorite Hero, 13; even going further with her Astronaut-esque Costume; and Is Married to Deku; with 3 Children; 2 Twin Boys, 1 being the Older(By 5 minutes) Quirkless Bad**** normal Student named Jack Midoriya; the other being a Cynical General Education Student named Koumi Midoriya who's apathetic and Indifferent to Heros & Villains, not caring for either, and wanting a Simple Mundane Life free from the Attention & Risk of getting Killed to protect someone who he doesn't care for, or someone who would be ungrateful for saving their life; plus his quirk isn't really suited for Heroism; It's basically the ability to Attract & Repel Objects; and their Youngest Daughter, Tatsuko Midoriya; Who has the ability to become Weightless, and Breath fire) Gakako Inueiga/Sakuga(Basically an Anthropomorphic Dog-faced Teacher modeled after Scribbles, the Dog Host of Scribble Kibble by CrownePrince , Haiiroko Uchuujin/Tensai, Omuko Saiensuru/Playback,

Rivals: Capello Shojihige[A Japanese/Italian Mustached Man who's the English Teacher of Class 1-B with a Top hat for a Head that can be thrown onto enemies to control them; He's like Cappy with a certain Italian Plumber's Mustache; dressed like a Magician(NO CAPES); and they DON'T Get along; similar to How The Foreigner Goomba(Not the actual Gaijin Human) has a vendetta against Mario himself; they get along as terribly as Roronoa Zoro & Vinsmoke Sanji; Red-Haired Shanks & Buggy the clown; Ash Ketchum & Misty; Seviper & Zangoose] who's hero name is Hatto Magishan
Enemies: The Clan of Ignorance, Shigaraki, Hero Killer Spinner, The Meta Liberation Army
Physical Weaknesses: can only make a finite amount of Solid Illusions of himself, and they can only take so much damage before turning into smoke. . .
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: His Rivalry with Shojihige,
Name of his quirk: Bushin No Jutsu
Description: Able to make Solid illusions that can fight and have real impact in a fight; they feel real; and they look real
Strength: are indistinguishable from the Real Deal
Weaknesses: Cannot be made in unlimited number; and they can only take so much damage before turning into a Plume of Smoke
What age did he obtain it: 7
How did he obtain it (what was happening at the time): He was watching an Old School TV Show about Shinobi; and used the hand gestures that the characters used to make copies of themselves. . .

Michael Chestnut, The Clan of Ignorance; My BNHA Next generation OCs, Capello Shojihige/Hatto Magishan, his Wife, Raiko, Jack, Mukanshin, and Tatsuko Midoriya, Gakako Inueiga/Sakuga, Haiiroko Uchuujin/Tensai, Omuko Saiensuru/Playback, and the students @ Me aka LarioLario54321 
Gaijin Goomba, and the Fumon Clan @ GaijinGoombah 
Scribble, & Scribble Kibble @ CrownePrince 
My Hero Academia and characters from its canon @ Kohei Horikoshi
Mega Anime Avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 
Chocho Kumokashi
Name: Chocho Kumokashi
Gender: Female 
Age: 15
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Occupation: U.A Student/ Part-time Family Owned Bakery Employee
Height: 5 feet 2 Inches
Weight: 144 Lbs
Hair Color: Orange
Hair Type: Soft
Eye Color: Orange
Skin Color: Black
Nationality: Japanese
School: U.A. High
Year: 1st
Distinguishing Features: Her Butterfly tongue; Her Foldable Monarch Wings(they can fold into place on her back) Her Spider Earrings(since her Mother is A Spiderlady with 6 Arms. . .)
Hero Profile
Hero Name: Orange-winged Heroine; Queen Butterfly
Costume: An Orange Monarch Butterfly-Shaped Mask, An Orange & Black & White spotted Leotard with Slots in the back to allow her to open & close up her Butterfly wings as she pleases
Quirk: Butterfly
Weapons: Web-weavers(Like Peter Parker's Web-shooters, but also with Knitting Needles to weave Snares for villains. . .) Her Wings that taste awful. . .(if any villain or creature were to taste her wings, they'd never do it again, because of how Awful her wings taste(like the Monarch Butterfly they're based off of)
Motivation to be a Hero: To Help Her Family's Bakery, and Attract Customers, and Sponsor her Family's Bakery, and Promote her Family's Family-owned Bakery; and Save people from bad guys, and giving them a Rescue Coupon for Discounts at her family's Bakery
Likes: Butterflies, Nectar, Flowers, Spiders, Helping people
Dislikes: Her Inability to Bake(why she wants to become a Hero; Since she's unable to help bake, due to her inability to bake good food, since every time she's tried to make a baked good, it never turns out right), Villains, Being Turned Down(though she doesn't outwardly show it, as that would turn people away, and that would be detrimental to her motivations)
Habits: Lapping up drinks with her Curly Butterfly Tongue, Licking up Nectar in Flowers with her Tongue. . .
Fears: Frogs & toads[She's scared of them; due to Natural Instincts; even being scared of Froppy & Her Class 1-B Son; Daato Tokoyami for that same reason]
Family: Mufetto Kumokashi(Mother; she's a Spider-lady with 6 arms; Black Hair; and 4 eyes. . . though with Purple Eyes & White Irises) Ōkabamadara Kumokashi(Father; He's a Monarch Butterfly with Orange Wings that can wrap around himself & his Wife in bed; I Based the Couple off of Both Muffet from Undertale by Tobyfox; and the Spider & the Butterfly Couple by Dragonfoxgirl ) Rukasu Kumokashi(Named after Lucas the spider; Older Brother; who's an Excellent Baker; can Spin his Web-Frosting out of his Wrists, and helps out with the Bills, & manages the bakery's Money to stay successful) Kumocho Kumokashi[Younger Sister; Can Spin Webs out of her wrist and Fly with her Wings; She's basically like an Anthro Veve the Spiderfly; also belonging to Dragonfoxgirl  as in Adorableness and Her having Spider powers AND Butterfly Wings; though is Purple(like her mother) and with Orange Wings(like her daddy & Sister) but only 2 eyes]
Romantic Interests: Daisuke Beika[An Odd-Eyed Male Calico Cat-like Person; who is in the U.A. Business Course 1-J; Who's from Osaka, from a Cat-Dog Couple Family; With a Cat Mother named Sarasa Beika(Modeled after Kat, a Calico from the Movie: Here's the Plan by Fernanda Frick, whose Quirk is Burn Immunity; which protects her from getting burned, and makes her Heat-Resistant), A Dog Father named Kogi Beika(Modeled after Doug, A Corgi from Here's the Plan; His Quirk is Cut Immunity, which protects him from Getting Cut. . . Also means Surgeons need to use Anti-Quirk Quirk-proof Metal to perform Surgery on him. . .), His Younger Sister Aiko Beika(A Female Corgi lady who has the ability to Produce Frosting out of her Finger pawpads; Flavor depends on What she eats. . .) and an Adopted Little Brother who's an Albino japanese Raccoon Dog-like Boy named Rei-Kun(Pronounced Ray-kun) with a Quirk known as Accelerated Adaptation; which allows him to adapt to achieve anything; Before they found him on the corner across from where they live, in a Dumpster looking for food, they Cleaned Him, Bathed Him, Fed him, and Adopted him. . . Daisuke took care of the Finances, due to his lack of Baking ability; and Now plans to Prove his Usefulness by Using his Calculation & Appraisal Quirk(that allows him to figure out Taxes, Expenses, Budgeting, and Which Heroes have the most potential & marketability, etc. . .) and found the best one he could find During the Extra Period, where he spent time doing economical Analysis on Potential Future Heroes in one of the hero classes; I.E. the One that Chocho's in; and they bonded over Common Ground. . .] 
Allies: Her Students & Teachers;The Motherly Moth Heroine Armoth(Based off of Mothra, if she was an Anthropomorphic Moth; Good Friends with The Monster Hero Gojiro; Has the powers of Moths. . . has a Rivalry with Hawks. . . due to him being a Showboat. . . while she focuses less on Attention, and more on the true essense of a Hero; She even has her own Foster Home for Quirkeds & Quirkless; where she takes in Kids who have been abandoned, before they become Villains. . . as such; Is a Thorn in Shigaraki's Backside. . . as he has one less source of Future Villains. . . though he has other means of getting more villains. . . and because she's not as popular as other Heroes. . . She gets less attention & Interference from those who would keep her from doing her job), Jack Midoriya, Yuki Todoroki, 
Rivals: Class 1-B Members(Homura Todoroki, Neito Senshi, among others) 
Enemies: Hero Killer Spinner; Tomura Shigaraki & his League of Villains; 
Physical Weaknesses: Cannot Fly forever. . . Wings CAN get tired. . . weakened in the cold. . .
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Fear of Frogs could be a Major Hinderance. . . on her ability to work with teammates(especially if Karasuko Tokoyami doesn't have a choice but to bring out her Shadowy Frog half of her quirk, named Kaeru; instead of The Quirk's Sister, Tori) or save frog-like people, or fight Frog-like Villains. . .
Name of Her quirk: Butterfly
Description: Gives her the Ability to Spread her Wings and Fly like a Butterfly
Strength: Wings taste Awful(those who try to Bite or lick, or eat her wings, will end up with an Awful Mouth taste)
Weaknesses: Is Weaker in the cold
What age did you obtain it: 4 Years old
How did you obtain it (what was happening at the time): She saw a Flower on the roof, and got it by forming her wings and Flying to get it. . . for a Mother's Day Present. . .

Chocho Kumokashi, Mufetto Kumokashi, Ōkabamadara Kumokashi, Rukasu Kumokashi, Kumocho Kumokashi, Motherly Moth heroine Armoth, Daisuke Beika, Sarasa Beika, Kogi Beika, Aiko Beika, Rei-Kun, and my Next-generation characters @ Me aka LarioLario54321 
Muffet @ Tobyfox
The Spider And the Butterfly, & Veve The Spiderfly @ Dragonfoxgirl 
Kat & Doug & Here's the Plan @ Fernanda Frick 
Tsuyu Asui, U.A., & My Hero Academia @ Kohei Horikoshi
Mega Anime avatar Creator @ Rinmaru 

What if Papyrus met Rouxls and saw his pitiful puzzles; and Taught him how to make puzzles that meet all his high standards[I Mean; tbh, between Papyrus & Rouxls Kaard; Papyrus is the Pretty much the Superior Puzzle Maker. . .]

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Used Letter Section(All Letters already used will appear here): U T H I S W A R M B O V E

Incorrect Guesses: L C K

State Of the Hangman: Base of the Gallows, Neck of the Gallows, The Noose

Winner: Tyler5544 

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