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+Your Reflection+

"Wherever you go, I carry your reflection with me"

For all those who long for somebody: if you truly care for them, you will always carry their reflection in your memories, thoughts, and heart :) From the moment you looked into each other's eyes, the bond was made.
This is a part of my series called "Eye Tales", an experiment in which I try to tell a story/convey a message with eyes :)

Thank you for supporting me, dear followers and fellow deviants <3

Elfois :heart:
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so you are able to send a story across with simple drawings of eyes and one sentence.

OK.Thumbs Up 
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love this!!!! What kind of markers you use?
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i love your draws
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I'm broken.....

I'm so sorry, Jack.....
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Austin :"(
I can't be with you but I'll remember you forever
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Ahh the meaning behind this piece is so wonderful and gentle <3 I love it ! 
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I love all of your eye artwork they have so much meaning to them.
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What markers you use? Sorry for my english, i'm from for spain :S
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So pretty, I'm in love with your art 🎨 💙
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wow hidden my comment eh?
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Please, don't be offended because of that. The reason for that is because I didn't want the drama about heterosexuality to begin (knowing people they would reply to your comment, you wrote some parts in capital letters and it looked like a bait for drama  even if there was no intention for that, you know people. ) On the other hand to answer to the thought you brough up in that comment, I will keep drawing heterosexual couples if I feel like it :) , I will not draw gay couples if I don't feel like I want to do that and nobody has rights to force me to do it. Such comments (not like yours that was temporarily hidden to prevent eventual drama but the offensive ones) will be reported as spam because I feel offended by constant nagging and rude comments about sexuality I choose to depict.
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I'm glad you stood up for yourself, no one should tell you what you want to draw <3
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Thank you for support, it means a lot to see people enjoy what I do in the way I choose to do it :)
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ok im sorry . i'm a bit childish. 
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ignore them. :) you have every right to draw what you want.
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Thank you for support, it makes me happy to see people who appreciate what I do instead of complaining about the topic :)
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any time dear!! :) 
your art is goals! 
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.:aww lover:. 
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