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I promised myself last year that I would paint a fanart of 'Undertale'. When I first heard of this game, I was a bit sceptical but when it started and I felt tears falling down my face more times than I could count, I knew it will leave huge impact on me. The story, the characters, the innovative gameplay... it hit me right into my heart. Moreover, this game was created by just one individual - I am a huge fan of indie games and generally prefer them to triple-A titles. 2015 ended for me while playing 'Undertale' with my loved one and I wouldn't have it any other way :)
If you dislike Undertale, that's fine :) I hope you will enjoy the picture :hug:

Also, I like challenging myself and it was really fun to draw some cartoonish characters for a change : D skeletons, goat people, monsters... Fun fun fun :)

I tried to include as many characters as possible because honestly, I love so many that it was literally impossible XD My fav characters are Asriel and Temi  XD
with dedication to Elfois :heart:

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im curious on why this show´d up when I searched steven universe...

But this is amazing!

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I Can’t Do That SO i stick to Gacha life
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How you even do dis!?
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beautiful 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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This is really brilliant and I think it looks amazing. Undertale left a big impact on me, too, and everything about the game to me is amazing. Your art is phenomenal. Good luck with future projects!
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Aww cute! I love this! X3
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I knew you would! :3
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This is.... AMAZING! Seriously! :O
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ADickson10193 that's the beautiful picture I have ever seen in my life brilliant work with the picture of Undertale characters. :O
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You are officially a goddess ? Or is it just me ? XD
Just saying, This one and basically al of yours are fricking god like.
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Beautiful art style.
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I love seeing traditional art no matter the fandom because it gives me hope. Digital is beautiful but traditional seems to be fading and that’s a shame and I get happy whenever I see good traditional art because it should never be forgotten or lost. 
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My favourite game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Your art is so incredible!!!Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Infected with OwO OInfected with OwO Infected with OwO -F2U- Squishy Squish 
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As long as its beautiful art and its undertale, I'd usually faint in awe. Actually, I'm surprised I havent fainted right now. *Faints*
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yes i am in love
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