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TheUnlucky-BlackCat's avatar
Your art is super good! Your strokes are super confident and I love your use of hatching! Did you use washi tape for the choker? Or was it added digitally? It has a lovely effect!
InstantPuff's avatar
Did you edit it digitally afterwards? I love the effects, especially the choker!
Jesus Christ..... speechless
Zoelinlove's avatar
This is gorgeous
JapanZelda's avatar
einnie9's avatar
I like the accessories and she's pretty too, good work!
RedPirate's avatar
I love her stars and her theme.  Good work!

tough tomboy!!
awesome picture!!
MP-Lily's avatar
i'm fairly new to deviantart, and i just gotta say: this artwork is amazing! i love how the choker is an image instead of the inking. it gives it a nice pop, and really signifies a fantastic style! 
BabySupernova's avatar
ha ha ha... that is my style... with the hair and the hearts but I hope I am not a tomboy! 

I love her!
AyanV's avatar
This like me :D
LoveXPoints's avatar
She looks so pretty Heart 
Nana7Crown's avatar
GinkgoForestSpirit's avatar
I had joined you on IG since sooo long ago........ I love your art !
T00NTITAN's avatar
Great Job, looks so good! Are you using a .3 mm mech pen. I do art too and would like to know what the pros use. Check out my art
larienne's avatar
You can do finer details with it :)
T00NTITAN's avatar
Agreed, I have one of my own and usually do my outlines with it 😃
FutureHope21's avatar
She’s really pretty for a tomboy
larienne's avatar
Tomboys can be pretty too haha~
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