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+Teen Titans - Autumn Walk+

Everyone was so concerned about Cyborg under my last TT picture XD well here he is and he is well! : D Many requested him with Jinx so there you go. More than that, he is lifting Beast Boy up so he can be a bit taller and get that kiss XD and Starfire is messing with Robin XD

I hope you will enjoy it!

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As much as I like the idea of Cyborg and Jinx being together I prefer Jinx and Kid Flash as a couple.
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Can i use this as a reference for raven in the profile view? im trying to draw something involving her and i don't want to just take it with out asking permission. love it by the way.

Mobian-Shadowtails's avatar
I love this! It's awesome! Nice job on the shading and lighting. Robin looks so epic!
SpIcY-PiScEs's avatar
even though i ship robin x raven like crazy this is adorable TwT <33333333333333
TOYSTARS's avatar
Oh my gosh, you do?! I'm glad I'm not the only one! XD
CuriousJayBird's avatar
Pøwèr çøùpłêś! 
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This is a perfect. Three power couples in one picture!!! <3
HikadaTheo's avatar
Beastie and Raven, <3! Robin and Star, <3! Cyborg and Jinx, <3!
BeautifulMadnessnot's avatar
omg, your art is so beautiful and perfect 
ThePenVsTheSword's avatar
Really great work on this!
YangFaithE's avatar
This is soo cuteeeee!!! U kno, I thought Kid Flash was the one who should be with Jinx. But whatever. This is soooooooooo adorbs!!!
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What do you think of Teen Titans Go?
Veronica2R's avatar
Awweee Teen Titans couples!❤💖
So fricking sweet
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I'm gonna art critique you.
 Cyborg looks great but if you want to really hit it spot on if you make another picture with him, keep his head a little closer to the body, because cyborg doesn't have a long neck.
Also Cyborg looks like a teen here (ironic how he doesn't in the show LOL) and if you want him to look consistent, I'd say make his biceps a bit bulkier so he looks as strong as he sounds.
Otherwise this looks great!
Lorinvix's avatar
Cyborg lifting Beast Boy up is absolutely adorable haha, love it. Sparkle Emoji 
ChiChiChanPL's avatar
I love both three ships ^^ 👌
alexany16's avatar
noooo, Jinx is Kid Flash's gf, cyborg is for bumblebee XDXD

other than that I love your work, this is awesome. Instant watch for me
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