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+Steven Universe - Lapis Lazuli+

Today we will travel to the world of "Steven Universe" : D I've wanted to paint Lapis for a while now, I love her design and colors : D
I hope you will enjoy it and thanks for support ; A ;

I draw various fanarts and original concepts on nearly daily basis :) Consider joining me on my journey across your favorite fandoms, "eye tales", worlds of our beloved characters, and my own ideas : ) 

Join me for more adventures and :) (Smile) @
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Those colours are so vibrant and gorgeous for traditional :love:

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Lapis is a very pretty gem.
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If you are still selling this, can I pay in points possibly? 
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epic but at first i thought it was kris deltarune :D (Big Grin) 
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Wow. This was all watercolor? I am amazed OoO
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Your art is amazing! :D 
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gotta love lapis
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I don't know why but Lapis reminds me of Esther Blanche from Trinity blood.
btw Amazing art dude! WOW
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how do you do this
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You are a fan of so many things, aren't you? (Me too, hhhhh)
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This is brilliant!!!  
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Its  amazing. Super mega  amazing!
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wow you really GOOD AT PAinting SKills!!
can you teach me... please T^T
i REALLY LOVED to paint!! T_T
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Pretty cool drawing
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Holy shit Lapis!
Quite a beautiful Meep-Morp
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Had to show this to my sister because she loves Steven Universe. Again this is great!
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I have a question; what was your process of making this art happen? How did you make these water droplets stand out? See, my boyfriend asked me what I have learned and says there is math involved in art and stuff. He wanted me to think how it could be done through reverse engineering. You can send me a note.
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Some great girls.
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I just love the way you are coloring your drawings...
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