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By larienne
Do you think kindness is wakness in todays world?

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buried-legacy's avatar
It is never wrong to be kind unless it's the compulsive type. Nice artwork by the way.
NoiseWrangler's avatar
Compulsive kindness can easily become a weakness?
ColorfulDragon695's avatar
its good to be kind but you also gotta be tough
MissWellert's avatar
I actually believe it is a power
Karakleosmanga's avatar
I think some people can try to take advantage of another's kindness which is sad but it happens. I've personally experienced this.
ArtsyGirl7's avatar
I think it can be, but only because people can take advantage of your kindness
DeadlyCookie98's avatar
It never occured to me as being a weakness, maybe it's more that self-interested actions aren't judged as harshly so kindness seems like an odd trait but I'm not too sure either way.
I like the use of color, it adds to the mood nicely and even without clear eyes the expression works in the same way.
Phoenix450's avatar
Beautiful work as always! I don't think that kindness is a weakness, I think it's a strength. However I think that sadly it seems to be becoming rarer in today's world and people who are kind can often get taken advantage of... but I still try to be as kind as I can, I'd rather that than be rude or mean if I don't have to :)
(I wonder if anyone else thought of this: "Always be kind. Sometimes kindness is all we can give. Sometimes kindness is enough." <3)
douglascampos's avatar
Not at all, but maybe naive instead.
Really really loving your content! I wish my submissions were as good as yours...but unfortunately they are not XD

Keep up with the hard work ^^

:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:

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Awechow's avatar
i do think kindness is a weakness in todays time, but i really like the drawing! #showyourheart 
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Zoelinlove's avatar
Amazing and love it. 
VeryaLiona's avatar
Kindness is not a weakness. There are so many rude people nowadays and mostly they get what they want with using their mouth instead of their brains.
But if you are kind to people, they will be kind to you as well and in the end I believe that it can get you much further than rudeness.

Pretty drawing! :squee:
peanutman27's avatar
not a weakness, but a big heart can often feel like a cross to bare 
SweetBriBri's avatar
buried-legacy's avatar
I second that very thought provoking.
TheGalliard's avatar
Amazing! Watching right now!
hero032's avatar
I just fell in love with this drawing 
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