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+Raven - Goth Music+

By larienne
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Another part of my series of chatacters and tgeir music taste xD Raven from Teen Titans wpuld listen to some goth/metal music ! Suggest a song for her 😃😃

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ArtistDude337Student Artist

In my mind, I can see her listening to:

Tool - Schism

Gojira - From The Sky


Korn - Freak On A Leash

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JediTcHobbyist Writer
God, I wish you would make a colouring book! There are so many of your drawings I would love to sit by the telly and colour ^_^ They're wonderful!
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MoonLightDreams101Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I could see raven listening to bring me to life and teenagers :3
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KDH14Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is pretty neat. I think I like this version of Raven better than the others. IDK I'd recommend some Evanescence or My Chemical Romance for her. She's probably listening to MCR's Black Parade Album right now. Maybe Helena since that deals with death and Crows and Ravens are harbingers of Death. Definitely Helena and some My Chemical Romance. Great job keep up the great work. :)
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LittleAlanaHobbyist Traditional Artist
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michuukawaiiHobbyist Traditional Artist
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noticemebae93Hobbyist Artist
beautiful <3 
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Bravewolf-chanStudent General Artist
I can see her listening to " Monster" by skillet

or "running with the wolves"
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Tornsoul187Professional General Artist
big fan of Raven, this is beautiful work
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AzabacheSilverHobbyist General Artist
Wake Me Up - Evanesce…
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bowwing333Hobbyist General Artist
Something by Kidneythieves for sure, or Lestat.   I don't think of her as a vampire in any way, but basically I feel she would resonate with the Underworld and Queen of the Damned soundtracks pretty well.  That subculture (maybe even including The Matrix) produces music in that kind of realm.    I mean her dad is basically Satan, so things she listens to is probably a wide mixture of much darker things and a number of random glitter pop or something bright and happy, because I know she still has strong cravings of being a normal girl, even as merely an experiment of self discovery.    I'm sure she has a few favorites she picked up from the listening in on the other Titans, and likely one that she listens to that she claims she HATES, but can't help listening to over and over.  
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APessimisticDreamerHobbyist General Artist
This is amazing! I never really thought Raven to be the musical type but yeah, she probably would enjoy some goth music
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perritoxpress25Student Traditional Artist
Wow its so beautiful (es hermoso
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WindSpiritWolf1Hobbyist General Artist
Omword I love this so so much!
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Boojie-BakerHobbyist Photographer
She'd probably be into bands like Within Temptation or Lacuna Coil, also The Cure or The Smiths.
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something emo

21 pilots
melanie martinez
panic! at the disco

lol sorry im goig off the stereotypes at my school
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DubstepYAKUZAHobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't think p!atd is emo anymore
Mcr fits better imo *plays g note*
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AllKindsOfYESProfessional Digital Artist
I always adore your sketch lines but this one really speaks peacefully 
I admire it 
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NIEHKOLHobbyist Photographer
so beautiful ! :heart:
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ivxniHobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing 😍✨
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Marvelous! Looks so so marvelous here^^ I really do hope to see a lot more of this from you :]  
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