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+Rapunzel - I see the Lights+

Hey guys! 
Rapunzel is one of my favorite Disney characters, she is just adorable and brave :heart:
I decided to draw her inside of a lamp because her hair glows and she would make a lamp glow too hehe
I enjoy this little series, it is relaxing to paint :)

Thank you for your support <3

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Done in watercolors and Copic markers

+Ariel - Part of Your World+ by larienne+Undertale+ by larienne+SM - After the Battle+ by larienne
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How is everything you make so perfect!? A Little Crazy Emote Crazy emoticon  Share thy secrets...poof   
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Rapunzel in a lamp? You don't see that every day!
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you could do Bell in the case that the rose was held!
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Already done. Look at her gallery or folders
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I love Tangled, and your art makes Rapunzel even more adorable than she is! Great job~!
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Not Disney but close enough: Anastasia... Not enough fan art for her :D 
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Very nice concept!
I'd like to see my favourite fairytale princess, even though she's not a Disney one: Allerleirauh.
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Man I would love to see what you do with *my* fave disney princess: Emperor Kuzco. 
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I would like to see Cinderella if you would be up for it <3
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gorgeous hair. and i love how you represented her in the lantern. great work. 
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Aahhh! The lanterns. It's amazing how you trapped her in the lantern. You are so creative. All of your art is so unique. I love it! <3
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I love you, and your art.
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Nice imaginary you've got that you put Rapunzel in her own dream like that, really nice! It's fun to watch! 
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This is pretty!  Love the brightness of your colors!
Plus, Tangled is one of my faves!
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"E non dirmi che
Per me è tardi ormai..
è tardi ormai.."
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This is so good! I didn't know you could paint watercolors to make the glow effect like that <3 <3 So wonderful~ Cute concept as well >w<
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excuse me i was wondering if it is possible to buy just copic ink and use it to paint with? like water color or woul that be a bad idea? i have copic markers but only like 6 skin tones and natural hair colors though i want to buy more.  but its expensive..and currently lost my job so i dont have money to be buying supplies XD just thought which is a cheaper alternative.  

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bn có thể làm vài tut vẽ mắt dc k a~~ hay hình cx dc, mh mê art của bn dữ dội lắm <3
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Lovely colors and character , good job :clap:
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I adore this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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