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Edit1: Please take a look at the video at NightcoreGalaxy that used this image, it is quite beautiful <3 ; A ;…
Edit: I fixed some mistakes

"The stars have fallen, the world has ended but still, I will be here, waiting for you at our place".

My digital practice! Uhh this is not perfect but I am still learning, it took quite a while! I hope you will like it, I appreciate your thoughts ; A ;<3

Like always, thank you for being there for me on deviantart, "our place" <3 also thank you for 500k pageviews milestone "gasp" :icontinoplz:

If you like my work ,consider watching me. Join me for more adventures :) (Smile) @
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I love the way you draw eyes! Seriously your art is gorgeous!!

That drawing is great

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This is the image used in the nightcore version of my favorite song ever-

It was also my first time hearing the song and this artwork has been one of my favorites since-

I am so happy to have found it on DA without even searching for it!!! :D

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You get the emotions just right.
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That drawing is great!
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I was sad to see that you closed your comments feed on the artwork that led me to discover you, larienne, "Slave". It was... an artwork that is most poignant and relevant in today's time, and a topic that deserves far more constructive and thoughtful commentary and discussion. That aside, I am very glad I stumbled onto it. Your artwork has a haunting quality to it. There's a level of emotion and thought that I feel is exceptional. The composition on this artwork provides a fascinating perspective combined with gorgeous coloring, and an emotional subtlety that stays in the mind. I'm definitely watching you. :la:
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kind of scary place, i just see a view in a high place and my hands start sweating
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Still one of your greatest works ever!
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Does she live in an apocalyptic world or is the city just abandoned?! Discord Emoji - Thinking

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I came here from the Nightcore video
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same tbh. when I saw the video, all I saw was that the girl in this pic has an uncanny resemblence to me X-X
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Hi larienne... thanks for sharing your work that is wonderful :happybounce: 
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This is a cool concept :)
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Aaaah, she looks so beautiful!
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Wow stunning. Amazing usage of perspective too haha really feels like I could fall.
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This is really nice
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