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Tonight l'm taking you on a trip to Far East :) I missed coloring something more details so here it is - Mulan piece :) Mulan gives us all a great example of never giving up of being who we wanna be and reaching where we wanna reach. Never give up guys :)

 I draw various fanarts and original concepts on nearly daily basis :) (Smile) Consider joining me on my journey across your favorite fandoms, "Eye Tales", worlds of our beloved characters, and my own ideas : )
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In this masterpiece you can feel the special of the film hopefully the liveaction will achieve it
Maiko-Girl's avatar
This is amazing,my compliments! Love 
CatgirlLizzie1234's avatar
What media did you use? This piece is great.
KuroNekoKeef's avatar
Simply beautiful !
enteringmymind's avatar
Jochnes's avatar
wow the area where the circles meet looks so good, but everything else too xd
lotusbeansprout1995's avatar
This drawing reminds me of Kanda Yuu (D. Gray-Man), but cuter. Thanks.:) (Smile) 
Mad--Drawer's avatar
you have really wonderful style ! 
and beautiful message :D (Big Grin) 
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Truly beautiful and epic, it captures the whole film and describes her personality very well. :thumbsup:
ReaperBat's avatar
That is so stunning! <3
WePePe's avatar
Hanna Montana's "best of both world" started playing in my head.

The colors are so vibrant, I LOVE IT!
Flutterby300's avatar
Mulan is actually my favorite! You really make her seem better in this beautiful drawing! (This is cheesy, sorry. I'm not very good at being nice.)
CrazytigerArtist's avatar
this is so vibrant and beautiful!! The attention to detail is so mindblowing!
Bluediamondpikachu83's avatar
This is so beautiful 
Antrastea's avatar
Those colours! Lovely!
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
Ooh, how was your trip? :)
yunoonuy's avatar

I love it, it's beatiful <3 <3 
Raian-Kun's avatar
This is what we call "legend!" Dance! Dance!  
ReFormationPro's avatar
I like your curves! (In drawings)
BeautifulMadnessnot's avatar
omg this is so beautiful Heart Love 
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