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Mulan - Evening Light

Do you like Mulan? 😄
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The design is a lot different but I like the changes.
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Breath-Taking ^^ 
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I LOVE MULAN!!! :D Beautiful artwork!! 
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This is amazing!
OMG yass!!! she looks so beautiful <3 :)
battduck's avatar
That's my favourite movie! And I love your drawing!
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I hope one day you'll do a tutorial or video on how you color your work? Your color skills is amazing!
nina-krowelitz's avatar
very pretty!
she asks 'when will my refection show who i am inside' and i think to myself, 'you'd never believe me if i told you'
awesome picture!
Goody-Goody-Gumdrop's avatar
Man. I love your art. Every time, something new that I love! Great movie! What is your favorite Disney movie? 
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Mulan has always been my favorite!
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for me, this beautiful! good work! :clap:
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omg i just saw mulan today before seeing this irony lol. i do like it though 
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Yes! I think she's one of the strongest female protagonists in any Disney or Pixar film. :happybounce: I also really appreciate how she really joined the army not for some handsome prince or boy, but to protect the family that she already had! :) (Smile) 
ParkerTherese's avatar
Yes! to me it's actually pretty inspiring :meow:
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i find it really inspiring im like  hooray its not for love!
I really like this take on Mulan, who is one of my favorite Disney princesses, too
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My gosh you just draw so beautiful! And Mulan is my favorite and I love her personality! You draw so amazing! It's fantastic and I wish I could draw like that, it's wow like wow! Clap 
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I love Mulan. She's such an inspiring Disney female! 
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