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+Mononoke - Fierceful+

An attempt of creating a portrait of San from Princess Mononoke :) Do you like this animation?

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I'm not normally into Ghibli characters being portrayed in an even more 'anime' style than they already are, but these are wonderfully colourful and textured and you've managed to capture the soul-piercing fierceness of San in this expression really well!
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My own colored pencil drawings look primitive compared to this! Even your sketches are awesome!! :D
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You really are skilled. Keep up the great work! (I know that sounds cliche, but really, I mean it!)
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The weird thing is that i have a simaler picture like this in my stash somewhere xD
By the girls hair is brown with purple steaks and she techy x3
TiarnanDominusAdonai's avatar
Wow, just turn a few degrees and she could be Rapunzel after the haircut. Well done.

- take care, beannacht de duit
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So beautiful💙
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how do you not have any lines where the copics ovrelap? o: so pretty
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My favorite drawing of San in your art! Awesome, I love her eyes!
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I love the colours on her hair, and how much her eyes really pop.

Great work!
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such living stary eyes
EllieSmolWitch's avatar
Woaaah this is amazing!! I love the contrast between the browh and blue hues in her hair, and her facial expression is so simple yet impressive and effective! I love it!
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Nyladavaria's avatar's amazing!!
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Beautiful!!! I love it!!!
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I love this! Those shadows are perfect ;o;
FlamingArtHD's avatar
Ok so heres the deal

Your existence is to much for me to handle

your arts existence is also 2 gud for me two so you made me feel bad about my own art.

So in a sense kill yourself, kill yourself for making me feel bad about my art.
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THIS IS TOO BEAUTIFUL! :love: please tell me you finished this? My first Ghibli film is Princess Mononoke and I love it to bits~
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How do you make it look so smooth without creating lines with the Copics?
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I've never seen the animation. ; n ;
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