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First of all, thank you for support and so many touchign comments. I appreciate that so many of you opened up and shared own stories stimulated by my drawings.  After reading some stuff, I felt like it's fair if I also draw a story from a man's perspective so here it is - he confessed to her but she laughed at him.. I would also like to add: Remember, treat others kindly. You may never know how much you mean to them, and that you may have powers to make them lose that spark in their eyes. The way you handle feelings of other people may bring various results. The matter of depression is very difficult. I had to deal with moments in life when I felt I don't want to be alive anymore, and I am sure many of you had those moments too. I wish you to be strong and always choose a correct path - both in the way you treat others, and yourself.

And now seriously back to illustrations xD I am a bit behind due to a trip that took me whole day ; A;

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If my eyes could loose color like that when I'm depressed, that would be my eye color all the time.
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Wow, so detailed. :-)

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OraTheRebelKitsuneHobbyist General Artist
Well, the mini eye story is fascinating and full of emotions, but, in the other hand, the message you wrote in the description is quite uncomfortable. So, I have to take a role of devil's advocate in response to it.
Why the girl should be with someone, if she doesn't want to? OK, she shouldn't have laughed at him, but she had he right to reject his confessions. Girls and women are not obliged to take every confessions any male said.
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larienneProfessional General Artist
It's not about taking it or not, it's about how to handle such situations ( not only love related but generally, any type of difficult confessions, for example, not said due to social judgement ) not riddiculing and making fun of other people's emotions or feelings, not making them feel inferior and humiliating them.
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OraTheRebelKitsuneHobbyist General Artist
Ok then, thank you then for explaining precisely the message, it's clearer for me now :)
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xseppixHobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw 😞
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Brianna330Hobbyist General Artist
This is exactly the reason of Sunako's... current state.
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7HotSpringsHobbyist Traditional Artist
What kind Of markets did you use???
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Bora20Student Traditional Artist
 copics from what i have seen
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FlaringTigerHobbyist General Artist
The dark hole of having no feeling in your being.

The numbness that takes away who you are and leaves it in the dark.

Make sure to carry an extra lighter and to set yourself aflame. 

Never lose your fire.

Stay strong.
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Sparkling-SkiesHobbyist Digital Artist
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Love hurts.
Love heals.
Love makes you crazy.
Love tears you down.
Love builds you up.
Love makes you cry.
Love makes you smile.
Love rejects.
Love accepts.
Love will break your heart.
Love will make your heart beat fast.
But what if you can balance it all.
Too much right?
Well I suppose love is a crazy feeling.
Sometimes you don't even know what love is.
Sometimes you can't do anything but express your love.
But why does love do this?
No one will ever know.
Because love is not something we can understand thoroughly.
We can show it.
We can say it. 
It sucks to be rejected.
But there will always be someone who deeply loves you.
There will be someone maybe you haven't meet who will love you deeply.
So please smile.
And if you need to cry.
Because love will always do that.
But we can be strong.
We can move on.
You will find someone better.
Like I said.
Please smile.
And if you want to cry.
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TheNervousMedicHobbyist General Artist
when you confess your love for someone, and they automatically take it as a joke because you joke about it alot anyway - so you have to regain your jokey-fotting and go along with it. always close to them but never close enough to satisfy that question ringing in your head, what if they took me seriously? would they have said no anyway? would our friendship have ended at that? i better off just a friend?
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True but what if they know your not joking but reject you?
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TheNervousMedicHobbyist General Artist
Had that too. Doesn't quite suck as much (for me anyway) but still hurts like an arrow to the gut.
Y'just have to sit there in awkward silence for a while and try not to cry as the worry that they'll be weirded out by your presence now knowing that you like them that way and gradually distance yourself from them until you're both living seperated lives and you don't even know them anymore despite maybe still pining for them.
Summer-Rose-Ruby's avatar
I AGREE IT REALLY DOES SUCK TO HIDE YOUR FEELINGS OR GET REJECTED AND HAVE TO QUESTION IF THAT PERSON HATES YOU OR JUST FEELS UNCOMFORTABLE with your presence (Sorry for the all caps didn't mean to do that just happen while typing and i'm too lazy to retype the whole thing so yeah)  
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TheNervousMedicHobbyist General Artist
hahaha XD dangit i know that feeling al lto well omg - like holy fuck caps lock why.
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Lmao I right there with you.I also know that feeling too well. Hahaha at least caps lock know what your feeling 
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13eniStudent Digital Artist
Last eye is like: I am triggered.
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It's really sad but it's true
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LeeNeji4evsHobbyist General Artist
All of these are so freakin deep but so freakin simple
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CrystalKirby642Hobbyist Digital Artist
So true!
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aquaticKittenStudent Digital Artist
I've been dealing with depression for 10 years now.... Started when I was seven and now I am seventeen and am still fighting to keep on going.... No matter how hard it is and no matter how badly I want to give up, I have to stay alive and strong for the people who need me most... Like my mom and my boyfriend...... So I just stay determined.... 
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