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Hey guys!
Sorry for these small eye sheets but I've been working on some illustrations I cannot show, hence I had no time to finish another full illustration to share with you ; A ; but next time I will ; u ;/
So here's a small story of a break- up told with eye reactions :(
Once again, feel free to use as reference if you want :)

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Break ups are the most painful thing that we have experienced at least once in our lives. However, it sucks to find out that first the one you fall for doesn't last very long no matter what you do. To everyone, please hold on and cherish those you love... because you never know when they'll go.

Your art is beautiful and you've just earned a watch! <3
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I love the way you can show such emotion through simple eyes. It's beautiful.
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This is really good! Clap  What set did you get for the markers?

ō̴̯̥͉̄h̴͖̿͠ ̷̩͖̭̯͇͒n̷̛̮̻̎̒̿͒o̵̝͂̀.̴̬̄́.̸̩̘͈̠̆.̷̛͍̓
how did you do that effect?
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I can relate to it... but I was the one who broke up with my ex. 
Aphmau-Obesessed's avatar going to cry again...darn it
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I'm not crying, I'm just impersonating a waterfall.
Aphmau-Obesessed's avatar
Lmao same. But I think I made a lake in my room 😭
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This is me......
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When eyes can tell the whole story.
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These are straight emotion and very strong. I'm really enjoying your eye sheets, the story is definitely there!
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I love how you can create a whole story with only two eyes! Fabulous work! Keep it up! I am always look forward to these! So expressive!
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I can relate to this one right now...
I loved her so much... but she hates me now...
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This is by far my favourite one!
It's so sad though, but I really love the expressions in those beautiful eyes~
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I love how you put depth in the girl's eye at the top
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Why am I so upset about two eyes breaking up??? :( (Sad) 
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Komari Kamikita (Crying) [V5] Cry forever rainbow cry 
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The boy couldn't see how much that girl loved him ;//v//;
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I see this on...NVM then.......
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Ok now, this is the saddest thing in the universe.
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