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7 days

Sadako/Samara cute vaporwave fanart 😄 I love horror movies and Asian ones are the best! Do you have any cool horror movies to recommend me? 

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If Samara were really that beautiful in "The Ring," I wouldn't mind her coming out of the tv screen!
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This is absolutely stunning! I love your work so much !!!
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*waits 1 day* "Man, These are the longest 7 days ever! What's taking you so long?? I mean, isn't that TV like a portal anyway?"
Love how she is wearing pink tights, that would've been super hilarious in the movie!
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It, nightmare on elm street those two are good
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If you want a horror movie that's based on more psychological-horror you should definitely watch dread. It's nothing paranormal, but really scary

Also: I really like your artwork~
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Since you think asian ones are the best, I would recommend you to watch "shutter"
this one… it has a pretty interesting plot

Have a nice day.
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I would recommend watching The INSIDIOUS series!! I've been watching it for a few years now and it's really worth to watch in the cinema~ :love::heart::happybounce:

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I would recommend Alien! I know it's a classic, but maybe you haven't watched it yet.
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Samara looks so cute and gorgeous here :D
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the exorcism of Emily rose. I have only seen this movie one time and i will never watch it again.
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:) (Smile) :) (Smile) :) (Smile) Clap Clap Clap Clap 
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Well I'm not big on horror but if I may make a suggestion, if you want more Ring style stuff & haven't seen it Erma is a very cute comic series about a little girl who is like Sadako/Samura it's both cute & funny with a hint of dark humor to it.
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i see you been watching the rings
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Asian horror movies are the best I do agree! That's why I don't wanna see it, I'll probably die in my sleep. XD
Very nice drawing though!
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the stripes make for an intresting extra shading, i love it
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beautiful work ^^
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VHS did not fail. We failed VHS.
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he face is a sexy one ok, also i like the composition and colors. Great job.
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The Grudge (not the American version) is worth a watch, and if you're up for some classic Hammer, Vincent Price stars in The Masque Of The Red Death, which is based on the Edgar Allen Poe book of the same name. Also, it's not a traditional horror film as such, but The Sixth Sense is pretty creepy; there's a great twist at the end, that makes you watch the whole movie again. :nod:
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Watch "It Follows", "Babadook"
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