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4. Sensual

Day 4 of Magic Moon Week :)

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+The Cycle of L-eye-f+ by larienne +Our Place+ by larienne Witch's Date by larienne Compliments by larienne DwD - 5 Artist by larienne +Luna and Noctis - Stand by Me+ by larienne
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You really gotta draw more of this witch. Such a stunning beauty.
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I think sensual works well to describe it.
The pose and expression look really nice, I especially like the turned head and how straight the hair seems to fall :D.
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The hand placement sold it for me! The pose is so nice.
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I love this whole series. Please keep it up. :)
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oh what is up with the comments 
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Thats da for you these days. A bunch if bored butthut people ith too much time on their hands.
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These days I had to block more accounts like that and report more spam than I did in all my years on this website. Too bad the quality of community here is dropping day by day..
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dam that must be stressful 
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Nah more like annoying a bit XD what can you do, trolls are everywhere
I just love cute artwork such as this
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I love this!!
It's amaizing! Clap 

Ps: What program did you use? ^^
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Such beautiful linework! It looks absolutely seemless and authentic. I really love the colouring as well. No confusion in there at all! Really well done. :) <3
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Love this design! I'll add this to my D&D collection :witch: 
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Great color mix...
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such a nice redhead!
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