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To baldly epicly go

By Larbesta
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Oh wait, I meant boldly, but whateverrr
This show is awesome and 7 seasons, what else do ya need? A week supply of popcorn and napkins. FOR ALL OCCASIONS.
I would have named this "Picard and the bitchez" expet Worf is not a bitch. Worf is a qutie-pie you cant resist.
I love all of them completely. Weeell, maybe Riker and Troy less than others, but then again, Riker has a beard, and Diana`s mother is brilliant.
Gah. Picard. You are a sex god and a reasonable wise man, AT THE SAME TIME.
You know you wanna.

Oh, btw.
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FeatherQuilt88's avatar
What an awesome portrait of the whole crew! I especially like all the cute little touches, like Riker's kissed cheek and Data's finger-trap and Q posing for the camera. :giggle: Definitely gave me a grin!
maxiumride16's avatar
omg i just died lol ITS Q! Mr. Spock  Data and Picard 
DragonDescendant's avatar
Picard's sparkly head XD
erinirerinire1's avatar
GODDAMIT Q DXGET OUTNOBODY LIKES YOU (nobody one the ship, anyways)
Xemylixa's avatar
I know almost nothing about the TNG crew (yet), but I laughed out loud at the title. :) Nice!
Kaith-Sith's avatar
Picard's harem?
TheGothicWriter's avatar
Excellent likeness.
millylove1098's avatar
Is it only me who would hug everyone in the picture if I could? And I'd hug Q last cos I wouldn't let go..
Trekkie8472's avatar
I love Q in the background :)
piatto's avatar
lol This is great! There are so many cool little things going on here. I like Data's finger trap.
Sarafan206's avatar
lol, Data and his finger trap.
MychelleWonderland's avatar
Amazing art, I really loved, good job!
no1wantsthisname's avatar
Truer description was NEVA WRITTEN!!! This is what I would pretty much call fantastamazing. Superb job; supreme lols...
AquaBliss's avatar
:iconitsbeautifulplz: anyways good job
Exploding-Awesome's avatar
STICKYCUBE1's avatar
p.s. ChInEeSe fInGeR tRaP ^^
STICKYCUBE1's avatar
im not even kidding.. this is the best thing on DA.
how did you do that!?
love the warm tones ^^
sailorpsychosis's avatar
*dies repeatedly* I LOVE IT!
Cainstiels's avatar
Q <3 Amazing work!
IbenholtED's avatar
Loving Q jumping the pic.
Your style is so lovely!
kassidian's avatar
oh-em-gee-doubleyoo-tee-eff its fantastic! x]] QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ! :D data is fantastic x] <3 it :D
Indy1Jones2's avatar
Baldly LOL. But Seriously Great Work.
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