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End of all things

By Larbesta
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I am in complete adoration from Hobbit, all the way into the childhood again, but with brand new feels *U*

sorta speedart, 6 hours, SAI
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Oh nooo! My Master! Waaaah! 
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You know everyone is just too mean and this is way too sad...  I LOVE AZOG I really do... This is just too much! And for all you who say they wish him dead there are people who LOVE HIM! People like me! Please respect that! And FYI I can't stand Thorin's guts. 
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They have the right to hate - heck, at first I did, to - but they should never judge or bash you for loving the white marshmallow of doom and defiling.
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At first I was like: Where is this coming from... :D
Well then don't be surprised people really when I announce to the world of my dislike of T, K and F (and L)! I'm not speaking of this particular artist but people do tend to judge when you like the so called 'bad guy'.
'Giant white marshmallow of doom and defiling...' :laughing: 
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Well people do love Thorin a lot - I personally quite like him, I just dislike his massive greed for gold and jewels which in the end was his doom - it's only natural to hate someone who killed him brutally XD
This is natural as well, sadly, hating an artist for their art, my art is scandalous as fuck, so artist-hate is nothing I didn't come across, including death wishes towards me X'D Ha!
The marshmallow IS evil, he's taken the lives of many, characters like this usually get a massive amount of hate. That is, they maybe wouldn't get that much IF they didn't kill off characters people love. And Thorin, Kili and Fili are very popular and loved. 
It is like blaming a lion for killing a zebra to be honest, as that's what he IS made to do, but this people do as well. The hate towards the white marshmallow doesn't really shock me if I'm used to reading comments under predator documentaries where people want to cruelly kill a leopard for killing a warthog.
The marshmallow was made to kill, sadly. And he had no reason NOT to hate and kill dwarves. People gotta understand that. And Thorin gets very personal here as he was the one who took his arm off. Yes, before people say - of course Azog attacked the dwarves and killed his grandfather first, so he 'had it coming' but it still doesn't affect the aching for revenge. That's how our mind works in most of cases.
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He wasn't presented as much likable character, to me personally, and imo. And that is where we agree to disagree. In my story I cannot tolerate him but I have a dear friend who loves him and I did draw and wrote him in a nice way.
Death wishes are way too extreme and no one deserves that. I do not hate most of the time in instances as such, but strongly disagree. Or in some other instances wouldn't even look at a piece of art... This one by the way is very well drawn, it's just the nature of it as you understand...
Well but again people have to understand not everyone has the same opinion and not everyone just fangirl over Kili, Fili etc. I see it as a Shadow mind control in some instances, he doesn't seem to care for the war but more for avenging his limb and showing his prowess. I don't think he is made to kill, but very well equipped to that's for sure. Maybe by PJ he was but yes the film needed a villain and he was 'painted all black'... Thranduil doesn't like Dw either but no one judged him XD  If Th chopped Azog's arm off first and then he killed his GF I don't think people would look at A differently still...

PS To avoid cluttering the artist's comment feed if we continue let's take the discussion somewhere else! ;)
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Yes, Thorin can be annoying as hell to be honest...
I honestly don't mind anything people draw/write, as long as the hate towards character isn't going really too far.
I've seen some really heavily fetished arts for example, I won't quote, but I won't judge an artist for them. Everyone has rights to have their own kinks.

I personally like Kili and Fili a lot, but I never fangirled over them :shrug: They're adorable, though. Especially Kili. 
Sadly we don't get the luxury of getting into Azog's head and we most possibly never will. Which is a pity, I'd enjoy a peek into their daily, non-war life. It would be amazing to just see them hunt, feast, sleep, play - if they do - and such.

True, if you ever wish to discuss more of it, feel free to under this for example- A Way To Enrage Oakenshield (Hobbit mini comic), I don't mind comment spam at all XD 
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It was actually thorin..... plz don't do ONE WITH THORIN I HAVE ALL READY CRIED ANOUGH IN THE MOVIE!!!!! :(
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And yet you managed to somehow predict how would all this end O_O I`m speechless.
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... Why? Why can't it just end that way? :(
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If only it would end this way...  Nicely done.
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Awesome work. I'll post it here:
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noooo azog why did you have to die Q.Q
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wow that is amazing! real real amazing. peter jackson have to place this in the movie!
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And also this :) This was featured on our blog: [link] :)
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Nooooo Beorn kills him >.<
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YES. PLEASE. Although Thorin looks like he's going to collapse from exhaustion andmaybediesobsob BUT YES. SO YES. I'm glad to be with you, Thorin Oakenshield. Here, at the end of all things.
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I know what you mean about the 'brand new feels'
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It definitly feels like it's going to end like this. Nice job :)
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You made the sword glow blue! Hooray! I really wanted that detail, but again it was missed in the movies to make Sting special :(
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I hear ya on the brand new feels. I really wish this would happen in the movies.
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