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Did you know that Meagan Marie, the community manager for Crystal Dynamics wrote a book in celebration of 20 Years of Tomb Raider? :D Well, now you do! It still hasn't come out, but it's available for pre-order on Amazon.

And guess what, some of our artworks will be featured in there and we are finally allowed to announce it :la::dummy: It's such an honor, Meagan is the best :iconyesyoucanplz:

The highlights include:

* Previously unpublished images as assets
* Packed full of information on the rich lore, iconic characters, epic fan community, and of course, the games that started it all
* Exclusive interviews from Core Design, Crystal Dynamics, official voice actors, composers, live action models, comic artists, and more
* An in-depth look at all games in the franchise, with insights into unreleased titles
*Covers the entirety of the Tomb Raider universe – games, comics, Hollywood movies, pop culture influences, and the community.

Check it out here:…

Hi guys!

Well, we've just opened a Facebook page for LaraRobsGraves :D We're still pretty much setting it up, nothing too new to see there, but there surely will be! If you like us and our art, we'd be so happy if you'd like our page too :D

:facebook: Lara Robs Graves on Facebook :la::dummy:

Because you can never have too much Lara art :lmao:

Have a great day, everyone :wave:

Ana&Inna :heart:
Hi guys!


Just here to drop a quick note, apologizing for our inactivity lately! We're certainly still here and active though, just not uploading anything – yet.

We're working on a long overdue project in our group Tomb-Raider-Empire - if you're a member that's great and if you're not make sure to drop by, check our galleries, articles and projects – if you're a Tomb Raider fan you'll love it there :D


The project itself – you may or may not have heard about a game we came up with – a series of puzzle solving tasks and riddles inspired by Tomb Raider, called the Challenge Games. So far we've held 5 of those in our group, and to participate all you have to do is be registered as a user on DeviantArt and be a member of our group! There can be only one winner and that's the person who solves all the puzzles first and cracks into our secret account :D


The prize you get for winning is an art gift from us founders – a cup with a print of our favorite badass lady, actually a remake of the famous classical renders. The games were seasonal so each cup render was themed – we're a little ( :lmao: ) late with the 6th game but hopefully it will soon be uploaded!


Here are some of the previously won awards:


We make a new render for each new game, what will it be for the next one? :D Here are the full versions of the artworks, which the winner also gets as a wallpaper version:

Classic Tomb Raider Bomber Jacket Remake by LaraRobsGraves Classic Tomb Raider Sola Remake by LaraRobsGraves Classic Tomb Raider Antarctica Remake by LaraRobsGraves

Also we're planning something big for the group itself – since real life gets in the way it's been going on for almost 2 years but hopefully this year we'll finally make it – in which case you'll see a lot of new art coming from us :D


In the meantime you can track what we're up to on our Twitter :twitter: : 


Stay tuned and happy raiding! :la:


Ana&Inna :heart:

Happy Birthday to me!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 15, 2015, 9:54 AM

I would like to start off by saying a big thank you to all of you guys who remembered your old gal and instead of wishing me a happy Valentine's day actually remembered that February 14th is in fact, more importantly, my birthday.

My original birthday that is - you see,  when you get older at a certain point you start to mix up whether you're 45 or 46, 46 or 47 so you have to take your birth year, substract from the current year and calculate your age and all, it's all such a nuisance so who would really bother remembering my age and dates from being rebooted twice. Once is enough for me, thank you!

 So, 47 eh? My god, time does fly. I'm still a bomb-shell I'll tell you that, but you must be wondering what's adventuring like for me now. Well you should be wondering since you hadn't asked about it ever since that 21yo version of me came out! Not to be a bad sport, but I just had to say I noticed. And just so you know, I'm aging like fine wine, she'll probably age like milk. Just had to say that too.

 Yes, adventuring, well.   I'm doing just fine, being in good shape my whole life certainly helps not to deteriorate when reaching those best years, and moreover it's not like I'm 50 for god's sakes. Nothing's changed. I'm a little bit worried about Winston you know, he's always been old so I can't say if now he got really old or just hasn't aged a day. Well, I don't pay much attention to him anyways so who would know. He's certainly gotten slower though, so he doesn't manage to follow me absolutely everywhere now.  The clanking of that teapot on his tray is an instant give-away, so whenever I hear him in the distance I just relocate. It's good practice for avoiding mummies. They even kind of grumble similarly.

 How's Valentine's day going for me, though? Well I used to get chocolates and flowers from Kurtis, mind you that I say USED TO. He's probably given up on sending those as he never got affirmative feedback from me. That poor old log, he's been hooked onto me ever since he disarmed me in that bio-research facility. Too bad he wasn't included in my series anymore, it would have done him some good on the self-esteem. I think he reached his 50s now, he sent me a picture and he got fat and grey. Perhaps I should send HIM a letter this year, it might encourage him to improve himself. Although what do I care, it might also encourage him to being a pest again, I don't want that. Though I am a little mad that he always concentrated on the V-day part, he never sent me a birthday present. I would have loved his chirugai way more than chocolates and flowers. Flowers just die and chocolate makes you fat. Perhaps he's doing it on purpose cause I stayed in shape and he didn't.

 Well enough of the chit-chat from me, how have you guys been? A girl only turns 47 once, so what would you give me for my birthday? Don't be a cheapskate. And keep on raiding <3


Sincerely yours,

Hey, fellow Tomb Raider fans :) We wanted to let you know we've had the honor of being interviewed by one of the awesome bloggers from the TR fan community, Kelly :icontombraiderarch:.


We talked a little bit about ourselves as a team, our art, projects,  group and of course – Tomb Raider!
Just hop on over to the image below to find the Interview links :heart:

Check out Kelly's website Archaelogy of Tomb Raider  where she blogs about locations, art, artifacts, and ancient cultures featured in the Tomb Raider series - and their real life versions!

You can also find us on Twitter:
Find Kelly on Twitter:

Join our group here: :icontomb-raider-empire:

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Art prints and T-shirts!

Thu Dec 11, 2014, 7:42 AM

Hey guys!


We wanted to let you know that you can now buy our art prints and t-shirt prints :la: You can find us on:





Framed Art Prints by LaraRobsGraves

So for all of those awesome guys who already asked about prints – now's your chance :la: :


:bulletpink: There's a holiday discount going on on society6 so you've got until January 11 to buy the prints cheaper! Just use this promotional link: :bulletpink:…




-We haven't uploaded any prints to INPRNT yet, but we soon will so stay tuned :heart:

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