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Soft Pastel Painting after Seurat

Inspired by a Seurat drawing. Pastel and charcoal
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Thanks Tara :D Hope you had a nice birthday :hug:
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Thanks. I did. It was nice and quiet, just how I like it! ;)

Oh, I meant to ask! Someone bought me some oil pastels for my birthday! I'm eager to use them. Do I need to use them on special paper? And could you give me any advice on using pastels (even oil ones) for the first time? I'd appreciate any help! Thanks in advance! :hug:
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I don't find oil pastels easy to use at all but they can be so effective. You don't need to use them on special paper but I like using them on tracing paper. You can use a little white spirit or turps to manipulate them on the paper. I think the best way to use any medium is to play with it first, experimenting with textures and colour mixing etc. Once you have tried them out try watching something on YouTube or on the SAA channel, there must be something on oil pastels. There might even be a tutorial on here. I prefer to use them in an expressionistic way. Try copying a Monet or Van Gogh with them. Good Luck, hope you enjoy them, they are very vibrant and if you get good with them, they can produce amazing paintings. Let me know when you have posted some :hug:
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Well if you find them difficult, given all your artistic experience, I imagine I'm gonna struggle like hell! But I'll give them a go! :D I think I'll use them for a Monet style garden pic. :) Thanks for the advice! :hug:

I'll give YouTube a try. I can't check out any TV channels because we don't have a TV! ;) Haven't had one for about ten years. :D
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You can still get SAA online I'm sure. They have quite a few tutorials but YouTube is probably best anyway. Lucky you not having a TV. TV is a stealer of time even more than procrastination! :O I do find it enjoyable at times but it's Darryl who wouldn't be able to live without it! :D

Good luck with the pastels. You may find them easy, it's all a matter of taste sometimes. Don't let me put you off :hug:
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I love that you can see the medium so clearly, like how in some areas it's really smooth, yet in others you can see the texture of the paper and the pastel. I think you might ant to make some areas darker, but that could just be personal bias. overall very nice.
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Thank you for your comment :D I quite like the subtlety in this piece and how there is no sharp transition from light to dark but perhaps I could photocopy it and work on it further to see what difference more tone would make :)
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Very emotive. Great work! :)
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Anytime I see one of your works,it's plain
to see you're educated,AND very talented.
This is no exception. Nice work,Larain;p
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Hi Robert, hope things are still going well for you.:D This didn't take me long at all but it has a quality that I was really pleased with :hug:
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Hi Larain. I'm well,thanks.:)
Hope you are too!
A very nice drawing indeed!;p
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Thank you :D I'm well ish, had a brief stay in hospital just awaiting op now, nothing serious. Enjoying my work and organising exhibitions etc. :hug:
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You're welcome:)
Wellish is better than the alternatives,I suppose.
I see you're still mingling. Organizing exhibitions,and such.
Nothing really seems to get you down,Larain. Or at least,
hold you back. Glad to hear you're staying busy.:)
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