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As some of you know, I released my Photoshop Actions a few days ago.. I just remembered I hadn't give a proper introduction with them. I realise that a lot of people don't even know what Photoshop Actions are!
You can speed up your Photoshop work by simply clicking 'Play' on the Photoshop action pallette. These actions will work in any version of Photoshop that offers actions (this should be 5+)
My actions are pre-made with how I colour process my photographs, I 'record' how I edit and then it's loaded into an action, when you recieve it you will be able to get exactly the same colours as I use.
There's MANY different ways I process my images but I've found these extremely helpful for proofing my own work when I have over 300 pictures to edit and also to add creative colours. You can also mix the different actions to create
extremely unique colourings.
Why am I doing this? I'm offering an easy way to photographers who are unexperienced AND to those that have a lot of photographs to proof after client shoots.. I'm not giving away all my techniques, as I said - I don't edit two pictures the same manually and there's a lot of secrets I wouldn't give away about how I process my images. I'm also trying save money for when I move out into my first home with my boyfriend at the start of June!

Examples of what my actions do..
Please click the links next to each set to view previews.

Retro Set -…
Sepia Set -…
B&W Set -…
Vintage Set -…
Dark & Moody Set -…
Skies Set -…
Soft Set -…
Warm Set -…
Cold Set -…
Quick Colour/Contrast Set -…



The prices of my actions are as follows -

SET                              NO. OF ACTIONS                          PRICE
                                                                                        (GBP & USD)

B&W                                  8 actions                                £15    $30
Retro                                 12 actions                               £20   $40
Sepia                                 6 actions                                £10   $20
Skies                                  3 actions                                £8     $16
Soft                                    4 actions                                £8     $16
Dark & Moody                    7 actions                                £10    $20
Vintage                              7 actions                                £10    $20
Cold                                   4 actions                                 £5     $10
Warm                                 3 actions                                 £5     $10
Quick Colour/Contrast        4 actions                                 £5     $10



Paypal (Worldwide)  |   Cheque (UK residents only)

> To pay by paypal please send the appropriate sum (from the list above)
to informing me in a note what actions you would like.
You will then recieve the actions through your email within 24 hours.

> Credit/Debit (through paypal) If you do NOT own a paypal account then click this link to just use paypal for your credit/debit card -…
Fill in the forms like this -
TO -
FROM - your email
AMOUNT - Type in the amount after looking at the price table.
Click continue, sign up a pay account and the money will be transferred. You will recieve the actions in 24 hours.

> To pay by cheque please contact me through
and inform me of this option. I will then contact you back within 24 hours giving you the information.
Please allow 7 days of clearing for cheques, you will recieve the action(s) on day of clearing.



ALL sales are final once you've recieved the actions. No refunds or returns. Please consider this before buying.
Installation instructions are sent in the .zip folder in each action set, if you do have any problems please email me at
and I will respond promptly.

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Online Galleries | Flickr | Ephotozine | Myspace | CarbonMade | Lara Jade Actions.

Other Links
Buy Prints | My Stock | Boyfriend | Black Rain (Music) </a></a>

© 2007 - 2021 larafairie
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theyasman's avatar
i LOVE your retro and vintage sets!
ayrakus's avatar
learn photoshop so you can get all the effect you want.. it's easy! i can teach you.. =) cheers..
nsivertson's avatar
you have some amazing stuff here! one question though

how do you manage all your pictures into a workflow? and how do you store everything?

im completely disorganized and swarmed with JPEGS all over my computer
Alissa77's avatar
Seriously, what is the big deal. People sell bottled water, but we all know we can get nearly the same thing from our faucet. If someone buys the bottled water, then great!

I hope you do make enough money to get your new place!
Pocomosso's avatar
I love these actions, you and Ant are so talented!
rnbluvva's avatar
Lara- these actions are lovely and I hope to get some.

One suggestion... have you thought of a mix and match price for say 5 sets or something like that? Like maybe instead of buying all the ones you have we can mix and match our own for a lower price? There are a few sets I'd like, but not all of them and the cost of buying the ones I want is more than the $100. Just a thought. I will for sure want some of these to use for some new photos I am getting taken.

You are amazingly talented and I really hope one day to have you shoot me and work on a project.

Never mind the dumb asses who are obviously jealous that you are able to make a profit with your art. it's something most artists dream of, to have something that people will pay for.

Keep doing your thing girl!

larafairie's avatar
I'm planning to get some more done and I will consider this, thanks :)
rnbluvva's avatar
Cool Lara. Amazing stuff. Your talent is beyond words!
Deeevilish's avatar
hey lara :hug:
dont mind those people who say why r u sailing blah blah !

actually i noticed that u give a lot :) ur too kind :hug:
keep up the good work dear :heart:
ang3ll's avatar
hey., Miss Lara! (gosh, i love ur name o.O) Keep it up the good work! For such a young Girl you're damn impressive.
Ever wondered about putting your tips into a book? That would surely sell, although i still don't get what's a "Photoshop action"... you sell the recorde videos of your work on Photoshop, is that it?
larafairie's avatar
I feel that if I was to ever bring a book out, it'd be in around 20 years when i'm old and wise. :p
mooseloaf's avatar
haha, youre making people pay for a good 30 seconds in photoshop?
pretty sure you could learn how to do all these on [ [link] ] for free...

tainted-by-you's avatar
Ok the way see it is, it is entrely her own choce if she wants to sell her actions, don't like it, don't buy it, there is nothing wrong with suggesting an alternative, but turning it into the full blown slinging match its become really isn't neccessary. DA isn't about trying to win sides, its about sharing art, and it should be left at that.
mks-7zdesigns's avatar
nice! I love actions, they make things so simple.
LeszekLitwin's avatar
so.. I must go and find a job...
sevensontherun's avatar
i think these are all really beautiful and if i had the money right now to buy them i would :]

everyone else. this is her page to sell her actions.dont like it? no one cares dont come on here and bash her work.
Chronophobia's avatar
lol actions, thats just funny. :)
Mell0nC0llie's avatar
I don't know if anyone has just said it so far, but I mean: colours are not the only thing a photo consists of? If someone uses someone else's action, it doesnt't mean he gets the same pics? So I can't understand all the excitement here. No one will be able to copy Lara's pics by just using her actions. If she wants to sell them and people want to buy them, let them do?!
arbri's avatar
It is a bad idea for a talented young photographer like you to release photoshop actions. I'm not giving an opinion about what and whatnot you should do, but your work is unique. Its easy to become 'comercial' (again bad idea with the concept 'action-commercial), but hard to be unique like you are.

Best of luck with your boyfriend.
xxalice's avatar
I used to use actions but they dont always work.

Are you not concerned that you're gonna get a wave of clones of your work!?
barefoot-girl's avatar
Ha. Don't you think they exist already?
xxalice's avatar
LOL yes thats very true but now the colours are exact!
anamartin's avatar
i just can't understand why people came here to bother...

i like much more your nude-photos (without obvious filters), but i've to recognize that it's a great way to expand your stock and earn some money (:

congrats lara!
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