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American Indian IV

Models: Ella @ Premier Models London & Maya IMG Models London
Styling: Krishan Parmar
Make Up: Megumi Matsuno
Hair: Fukami Shinya
Photography & Retouching: Lara Jade
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I don't see anything, but mockery.
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this is very racist -_-
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Cultural appropriation....NOT cool or trendy
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Indeed. They're using a euro-appearing person (not to mention bordering on anorexic) to represent dark ethnic native Americans, who look nothing like this (and are much more diverse than this stereotyped photo). And not all native Americans had feather headsets, it's a very overreaching photo, and very stereotypical. ): 
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can we not call girls the names of eating disorders just because of their weight though? -_- thats messed up too.
Chromatik-Fracture's avatar
Yeah I get your point. Still, their entire gallery is filled with overly thin people. One of those people is bound to have an eating disorder, especially since they're in the modeling industry where disorders like that are rampant, but yeah I get your point :nod: 
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ok eating disorders aren't actually reflected by bodyweight at all, a person of any gender and any weight can have one, and it's mean and unhelpful to anyone to affiliate weight with illness :\ being skinny doesnt automatically mean you have an eating disorder any more than being fat would mean you automatically have diabetes
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I agree. I'm just saying in the modeling industry is where eating disorders are rampant. Not people as a whole based just on the weight, just in the modeling industry. :hmm: 
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uh-huh, well going 'she's a model so she obviously has an eating disorder' is still a completely unnecessary comment and not helping solve any problems either. the model existing isn't the problem with this photo and there's literally no reason to jump to conclusions about her body and her health, the problem is the racist overtones.
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This is a beautiful photo, but being Cherokee I am on the fence about the misuse of the headdress. It's quite a pity about the genocide that our government is still committing against my people...
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I agree (and American Indians didn't clip their horses coats, that is purely English in nature)
Any sort of misuse is like laughing at your people. :hug:
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So, where are the liquor bottles and lit cigarettes?
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You should have used a more "Indian" looking horse
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beautiful. love the light.
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excellent use of back light and styling!
Racist. So. Very. RACIST.
This is kind of racist! And disrespectful! Headdresses are sacred religious and cultural items and it's inappropriate to wear or use them unless you're earned the right to do so. Also, people's identities aren't costumes and shouldn't be treated as such.

In conclusion, this photo is nice and all, but quite immoral ethically... So it's basically like every other fashion shoot ever. Nice job! You're super offensive!
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