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Reverse Lens Tutorial

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Photography Tutorial - How to use your kit lens as a macro lens without the cost.

It's been absolutely ageeees since I submitted a tutorial.
I've learnt this technique so I'm not trying to pass it off as my own but I wanted to share the technique with you..

>> Please full view & download it for your own skill building if you wish!

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Ive tried this multiple times. no matter how much i pull back on the lens to the body of the camera, light always gets in. How do you do that so good??!! i need tips!
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Holy shit photography hack
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haha, probably it is :) i'm happy someone figured this trick out!
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Thanks a lot for this tuts..will try it now!! lets see wht happens............
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How do you attach it?
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looks awesome, though it just wont work... Ive tried it but the photos keep appearing too dark:( any tips?
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Thank you!! ^^
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Oh.My.God.This is the most amazing thing i have ever seen! and I was about to go and buy an expensive lens! It is kinda nerve racking using the lens backwards...but still, hooray! :D
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You wouldn't happen to know if this works for a Nikon D80 would you? I'm really new to photography & a little lost...
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Great, I used same tip with my cel phone and tha pictures are awsome. Sorry, my inglish it s so bad.
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If i do all the steps, my photo is getting.. very blurring.. D: Do you know what i did wrong? ^^
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The lens is moving while you are shooting. You can by mounts for this for as little as $8. I would recommend that.
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wahooo,, im gunna have fun with this. thnx for sharing this!~ :)
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Thanks ill try that ! :)
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how inventive! i'll definitely be keeping this in mind now :))
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xlnt techniqueeeeee....:)
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I just try it and it works! But my pictures are blurry, i need more practise! But thanks A LOT!!! <3
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Really i'm gonna try this out now!
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You can change the aperture of the lens on a Canon by holding down the DOF preview button and taking off the lens at the same time. :)
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and very useful !
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excellent technique thanks for sharing
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Very interesting!
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