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New Hair Color

This was taken in San Diego like a month ago while I was down there for Comic Con. Taken at the Sherraton pool by Yaya Han of [link]

My hair isn't photoshopped I had just dyed it earlier using Manic Panic colors.
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DAY-UMM you're SEXY!
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In the word of Tobuscus, "hot hot hot." XD besides the point it's a great picture, and was well taken.
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Manic Panic is really good if you just want temporary colours that last longer then the usual temp dyes, hehe.
I love this photo, the angle of your face is really pretty. Also, I love your hair.
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you look beauiful
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Wow you're beautiful, love the feckles!
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Your eyes are amazing........
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You know.... I don't think there's a way to say the honest thing in a way that sounds polite... but you look great is the least crude way possible.

The second least crude way to say it is to ask what kind of date would I have to pay for in order to be able to look at this kind of person every week.
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Very beautiful,a loy of your pics are so beautiful:)I hope some time you can look at my art,laters and again beautiful:)
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i like the hair color and the rest ;)
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Crazy hair, sexy pose and yet I'm still mesmerized by your eyes!
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It is sublime :heart:
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You could prolly dye your hair pukeish green and still look hot ;)
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LOL it has happened trust me!
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*goes to look up manic panic hair dyes*
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the blue one stains your shower btw! haha
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very nice
love the pose too
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