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It was a normal day in Pallet Town. Ash had gone there to visit his family. Right now, he's just humming to himself while walking at the park, when he found himself being snatched by the shirt.

"ACK!!!" he yelped. He looked up, and saw Damian looking down at him, glaring at him coldly.

"Well, if it isn't Ash... who stole my Charmander all these years ago." said Damian.

"H-hey! I didn't steal him! I took him in because you refused to raise him!" said Ash. He was trembling in fear, but managed to shot Damian a glare.

"Well i don't care!" said Damian. "You're gonna pay for brainwashing my Charmander and not letting me have a chance to have him as my Pokémon in the first place!"

And just as he was about to punch Ash in the face, an Umbreon jumped in and punched Damian aside with one of his front paws, making him let go of Ash.

"Ow... what the heck!" said Damian. Then, Gary came in.

"Hey! Why don't you go and pick on someone your own size?!" said Gary as he glared at him. Ash was surprised. He never saw Gary stand up for him before, not even back when they were friends as kids.

"Ow..." groaned Damian as he got up. "Mind your own business you numbskull guy!!"

"First of all, i'm Professor Oak's grandson, and my grandpa has zero tolerance policy of people throwing dirt on me! And second of all, Ash is my friend, and i'm not just gonna sit here and watch you hurt him!" said Gary. "So, you better get out of here and leave Ash alone!"

"Didn't you hear what i told you? This ain't your business!" barked Damian.

"I don't care! Like i said, i'll not let you hurt Ash! So get out of here or else i'll take your hand off!" threatened Gary.

Damian growled in defeat as he walked off. The second Damian was out of sight, Gary ran to Ash's aid.

"Are you okay, Ash?" asked Gary as he helped Ash up.

"Yeah... i'm fine... all he did was grab my shirt." replied Ash. "But... i never saw you standing up for me before."

"Yeah... i know." said Gary as Umbreon walked by his side. "I mean... just because we're rivals doesn't mean that i'm gonna sit here and watch people hurt you. Especially because ever since that day at the Silver Conference that i started to treat you with respect. I mean, we're not friends like how we used to be anymore, but we could at least respect each other."

"True." replied Ash. "Anyways, thanks for saving me back then."

"No problem." said Gary.

"Well, i better head back now. Lara and my family might probably be wondering what's taking me so long." said Ash, changing the subject.

Gary chuckled. "Okay. See you around Ash." he said, before he walks off with Umbreon following him. Then, Ash walks back home, feeling thankful for Gary's heroic acts.

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