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My Little Disemboweled Pony - WIP

By Laquera
Got the idea from Metalocalypse when Toki is going to camp and Nathan is making sure he has everything (including his My Little Disemboweled Pony lunchbox)
not yet finished, I don't know if I ever will finish it, but just thought I'd share it since its fairly amusing
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I kinda think this should've been 4th gen since I think the show at least MIGHT have thrown that in there as relevance to the whole "brony craze" but still. This is really cool :D
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yeah I'm pretty sure that is why it was in there, but I couldn't possibly bear to draw the internal organs of somepony I know D:
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Toki's age tells us in the show tells us that this is the kind of pony he would have grown up with. Unless he bought it at Klokikon (that fan convention where Nathan's temporary girlfriend was having an orgy with all of the Nathan cosplayers.), in which case, it probably would have been 4th gen.