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The Amazing Gregory
I, the amazing Gregory, am going to the edge of the woods after a long day at work when I pass Alira flirting with a palace guard. He’s bragging about how he won the Archery Tournament last year. Please, the only reason he was even able to place was because I moved here a month after the tournament. Besides, does it really matter that he won first place in the tournament if he can’t even do his job right? I’m fairly sure “making pretty girls feel your biceps” isn’t part of a palace guard’s job description. I don’t want to interfere with Alira’s life, I mean she can make her own choices, but I do think she should make an educated decision. That’s why I’m competing in this year’s tournament, so that when I win she’ll realize I’m way better than whatever that guy’s name is. I mean sure he’s an alright archer, has a stable job, extraordinary pecs, and a facial structure to make an elf jealous, b
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Danielle's Adventure (collab)
Disgusted by her boring life, Danielle decided to one day start an adventure. But this would require preparation.
So she called her best friend, Jenny, to see if she wanted to do all the preparation for her. Jenny unfortunately refused, so Danielle was forced to build a fishing pole out of toothbrushes herself.
After 14 and a half hours of hard work, she realized that the reason the toothbrushes weren't sticking together was that she was placing them three feet apart and singing to them. She tried a different tactic.
She put all the toothbrushes in the kitchen sink and filled it with maple syrup. She watched What Not To Wear as she waited for the demon she'd summoned earlier to come.
The demon arrived while the poorly dressed woman went shopping, and sat down in a nice recliner. Danielle failed to notice and continued drinking the leftover maple syrup.
The demon had never had maple syrup before, so he politely asked to try some. Danielle freaked out and kicked her tv. The demon was con
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Shea-Shea by Laquera Shea-Shea :iconlaquera:Laquera 2 1 The Three Musketeers by Laquera The Three Musketeers :iconlaquera:Laquera 1 1 Finnegan by Laquera Finnegan :iconlaquera:Laquera 0 2 2 Dogs Outside by Laquera 2 Dogs Outside :iconlaquera:Laquera 2 1
I Hate Christmas
I am not a Scrooge of any sort,
I am glad others are gleeful,
But Christmas for me is no thing of joy.
Christmas is a time of remembrance,
A time of sadness,
A time of regrets.
Two years before,
A sweet little puppy
Brought into our home.
A year passed,
And there were some problems.
She was brought back to the shelter.
And now this year,
She is gone.
She has gone not just from our home,
But from the world.
A single phone call may have saved her.
A phone call I should have made.
I bet she walked into that room wagging her tail,
But of course it lay still on her way out.
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My Little Disemboweled Pony - WIP by Laquera My Little Disemboweled Pony - WIP :iconlaquera:Laquera 1 3
NTVZD: Going Back to School
Nathaniel decided to finally get a college education. He had been putting it off for years, but only recently had it begun affecting job opportunities. When interviewing for a job they would look through his Hello Kitty folder of important documents and then ask him to leave. They all stopped at the same point; his death certificate. Obviously this meant they knew that if he had a college degree it would be before his death certificate and after the drawing he did in kindergarten that his mother had put on the fridge. He began applying to colleges that he assumed wouldn't be too hard to get into. Everyone had heard of them, and they weren't even in a division. They were called "ivy" schools and Nathaniel, being a vegetarian, felt any one of them would be a perfect fit. He mailed his applications and after a month finally opened his mailbox. He had a lot of junk mail, but he also had a reply from all the colleges he had applied to. He chose to take this as a good sign. Sadly, they were
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NTVZD: To Mow or Not to Mow
Nathaniel was tired of cutting his grass by eating it. Especially since he became a zombie and had no need for food. Even when he was alive, he had been more of a leaf-eater. He decided it was time to invest in a lawnmower. He went to the local lawnmower shop to buy one, but when he arrived he found he was unable to fit through the doorway. The store owner saw his dilemma and wanted to help, but most of the lawnmowers were either too heavy to bring out to him or chained to the floor to keep from being stolen, as there was a recently formed gang that stole self-propelled lawnmowers and sold them on the black market. Being unable to help Nathaniel, the storekeeper told him about a large store the next town over which had an entrance large enough for a Stegosaurus to fit through. Nathaniel was excited that he would finally fit into a building other than his girlfriend Nelly's house, but he had no way of travelling to another town because he didn't have his driver's license. There weren't
:iconlaquera:Laquera 0 3
NTVZD: A New Mayor
It had been a while since Nathaniel's town had elected a new mayor. The mayor rarely did anything, and few people knew the town even had a mayor. He had been in office for 32 years, because everyone was too lazy to set up an election. Some people were bored one day, and set one up. For a while there were only two people running; a 12 year old boy named Caleb, and an old woman who thought she was going to be president of the bingo club she frequented. The current mayor had no idea there was going to be an election, so he wasn't running. Nathaniel heard about the election, and asked his girlfriend Nelly to help him run. She had a friend who worked at a printing company, so posters were printed and nailed on the trees in Nathaniel's backyard. The mayor passed Nathaniel's plot of land while on a brisk stroll, and saw the posters. Realizing what was going on, he quickly began his campaign. The day to give speeches soon arrived and the 4 candidates were lined up. The old woman talked about h
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Nathaniel the Vegetarian Zombie-Dinosaur
Poor Nathaniel was over 93 centuries old and he still didn't have his driver's license. He had managed to pass the test to get his learner's permit by taking it when it was first created, but he never could pass the driving test. It might have had to do with the fact that he was unable to firmly grasp the wheel. It's also possible that it was affected by his inability to fit in a car. The workers at the DMV were tired of him trying to take the driving test, but they weren't allowed to turn him away. On his 3,852nd attempt at the test, however, they injected him with a substance they'd created a few days earlier. Their aim was to turn Nathaniel human, so he wouldn't destroy every car he tried to enter. The substance failed to work and Nathaniel remained a Stegosaurus. It killed him as well. The DMV had no clue how they were going to hide such a large body, but eventually decided to stick him in a bin at the nuclear waste facility. The bin was mostly clean, but had trace amounts of nucle
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Mola Mola by Laquera Mola Mola :iconlaquera:Laquera 0 0
Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Leslie who always dreamed of becoming the world's best flower shop owner. He trained every day for 836.2 hours in order to beat his rival, The Confounded Menace. The day of the big competition arrived, and Leslie came armed with a trombone and his unstoppable determination. They were pitted against each other in a battle of wits, and Leslie emerged as the unassuming victor! His achievement is celebrated every Bring Your Daughter to Work Day.
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Green Crab Exoskeleton 2 by Laquera Green Crab Exoskeleton 2 :iconlaquera:Laquera 1 1 Green Crab Exoskeleton by Laquera Green Crab Exoskeleton :iconlaquera:Laquera 0 0


Catherine Elle Armstrong by odinforce23 Catherine Elle Armstrong :iconodinforce23:odinforce23 14 1 What are you looking at? by marustagram What are you looking at? :iconmarustagram:marustagram 352 17 Please and thank you :D by Qinni Please and thank you :D :iconqinni:Qinni 4,732 269 Once a thief by Isbjorg Once a thief :iconisbjorg:Isbjorg 466 59 Word Spill by kokitkat315 Word Spill :iconkokitkat315:kokitkat315 2 0 Miss by siquia Miss :iconsiquia:siquia 3,645 350 The X-chibi by Isbjorg The X-chibi :iconisbjorg:Isbjorg 71 38 The Calm by Jrynkows The Calm :iconjrynkows:Jrynkows 19 14 tree roots by gaabriellablee tree roots :icongaabriellablee:gaabriellablee 2 2 Fluttershy bunny by pewdiedash Fluttershy bunny :iconpewdiedash:pewdiedash 319 43 Love Me Dead by JennLaa Love Me Dead :iconjennlaa:JennLaa 390 133 Lagoona Blue by kotalee Lagoona Blue :iconkotalee:kotalee 151 12 mermaid 02 in color by ulissa88 mermaid 02 in color :iconulissa88:ulissa88 7 4 Sea Queen Drowning by crowtheugly Sea Queen Drowning :iconcrowtheugly:crowtheugly 3 0 Spider Goddess by Isbjorg Spider Goddess :iconisbjorg:Isbjorg 242 0 Boo and Baby Luigi by Airusana Boo and Baby Luigi :iconairusana:Airusana 65 23


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I'm currently working on/procrastinating college applications, so that's why I'm on here >.<
A lot of colleges allow you to submit an art supplement, so I decided to come on here and see if any of my art is good enough that I might want to submit it. The short answer is no, the long answer is I rarely seem to do things that are completely my own other than written things and photographs. Therefore, I'm going to upload some of my drawings at some point possibly probably not, but it's a nice idea.


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I am a convenient turtle.


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