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Sheriff Fox Episode 98: A possum walks into a bar
It's another busy day at the saloon, many customers, many demands, and only two to supply. Sally Acorn and Erma Ermine walk from one side to another, from table to table, noting every and each order and coming back and forth the bar counter. To make things worse, some impatient customers decided it would be a good idea to yell out, demanding their drink and even hit the table. The cherry on top of the cake was when some customers get so tired of waiting, they decided to leave without paying. To says this is a stressful job is an understatement.
Once the rush hour ended, when every single customer have left the saloon, instead of starting clearing the place, the chipmunk and the ermine pulled a chair and sat down, hitting their head on the table, completely exhausted. "Erma?" Sally spoke.
"I wanna die"
"Me too"
"Comparing to this, run a town is a piece of cake." Sally commented, lifting her head.
"I imagine..." Erma rolled her eyes, still with her head glued
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Bouncing freely by laqb Bouncing freely :iconlaqb:laqb 53 8 Another day at work... by laqb Another day at work... :iconlaqb:laqb 22 6
RQ - Love is bad at aim.
It's a bright sunny day at Green Hills, the sky is clear, the birds are singing, and looks like that the nefarious Dr. Eggman have no plan for world domination today. It's such a perfect day, that a certain blue hedgehog decided to just lie down under the shade of a tree and take a nap.
But little did he know, that another hedgehog, a female pink hedgehog in red dress and evenly matched boots and hairband, was hiding behind a bush, kneeling, using a pair of binocular to watch the blue hedgehog from afar. "There you are, Sonic!" spoke to herself, whispering. "You will finally be mine!" She declared very confident. The pink hedgehog known as Amy Rose, self-proclaimed Sonic's girlfriend, turned her attention to the box on her right. She opened it, revealing a bow and an arrow whose tip had the shape of a heart. "With these magical love arrows, there is no way you won't fall in love with me" She keep up talking to herself, thus explaining what these unique arrows are.
Amy wa
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Tail of prank by laqb Tail of prank :iconlaqb:laqb 6 5
Virtue City Episode 6: F.F.C
Law is a very peculiar thing. In theory, it supposed to protect the innocent and punish the guilty, but in practice is not exactly like this. With so many loopholes and way around, the law can aid some criminals, but mostly politicians, large companies, or pretty much anyone with a large amount of money. And this is without mention some of the weirdest law to ever been approved. But one thing's for sure, a lawyer, especially a very good one, can make the most guilty criminal look like a victim of society.
A bright example of the latter happened to a naive dreamer female black and white fox, named Star Badge. Relatively new in the city and a police rookie, the first criminals she arrested on her own were a pair of girls in leotard, a white crazy fennec called Lunatic and a more serious wolf named Twizzle, both relatively new in the city. However, their time in the prison was so abruptly cut short, that looked more like a time-out, all thanks to a sheep lawyer who con
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The reward every hero(ine) deserve by laqb The reward every hero(ine) deserve :iconlaqb:laqb 35 15 Kirb will solve our Sonic Movie problems by laqb Kirb will solve our Sonic Movie problems :iconlaqb:laqb 16 11 This one is mine. by laqb This one is mine. :iconlaqb:laqb 47 12 The sheriff just want a kiss by laqb The sheriff just want a kiss :iconlaqb:laqb 21 6
Sheriff Fox Episode 97: Spell Testing
At first glance, one might think the little town located in the middle of the desert, Knothole, will always remains the same. But this is further from the truth in the eyes of those live there. Right now, the local population gaze into the horizon, into the change occurring right before their eyes, into the construction site of Knothole's casino complex. According to Mayor Breezie, this will boost the local economy in many positive ways, not to mention the creation of many, many job opportunities, during and after its construction.
Behind the curious crowd watching 'Knothole's salvation' being built right before their eyes, there are two girls mounting in their respectively horses. One is a mostly red fox with yellow muzzle, thorax and inside ears, wearing nothing but a pair of brown gloves, boots, a belt and a hat. The other is a mostly white koala with gray muzzle, thorax and inside ears, wearing almost the exact outfit as her companion, except that is red, minus the belt,
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Good luck cheek kiss by laqb Good luck cheek kiss :iconlaqb:laqb 84 6
Virtue City Episode 5: Fool's gold
Officer Star has successfully made her first and very own apprehension, and naturally, she proudly and excited shares the good news with her parents by the phone. "I know...I know...I know. What can I say? It is in my blood. Okay, love you too. Buh-bye." She ends the call and safely put her phone back into her belt.
Suddenly, Lieutenant Desert shows up, tapping the black and white fox's shoulder, which surprised her as a consequence. "Good job, Rookie!" She said in joy. "I knew you could do it."
"Thanks, Cactus. I appreciate the support" Star replied as she rubs the kinda sore shoulder repeatedly with the hand.
"Hey, just to tell you, those two lowlife want to talk with you, before the lawyer come up." Lieutenant Desert deliver an ambiguous message.
"Really? Why for?" Officer Badge wonders confused.
"No idea." Lieutenant Desert shrugged. "Must be to 'swear revenge' or something like this" She implying carefree. "Trust me, this happens more often than you t
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Bunnie's vibrant upgrade by laqb
Mature content
Bunnie's vibrant upgrade :iconlaqb:laqb 43 13
The way she walled into the bar... by laqb The way she walled into the bar... :iconlaqb:laqb 18 2 Break Shift by laqb Break Shift :iconlaqb:laqb 38 17




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I just found out I have over 600 watches. Many people would find this wonderful...

But not me...

Not me...
Watch out! There is an art thief going by as :iconamymeid3254: stealing people hard work.

Report her, block her, and if you have a group, bans her.
Who here miss read my stories? Who miss read Sheriff Fox? Or Virtue City or Bastet?
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's pray that 2019 isn't half as bad as 2018 :D

Oh, who I am kidding...2019 is going to be much worse
Stan Lee, creator of many iconic Marvel heroes, has passed away.
Today - or this week - I posted the first episode/chapter of two new original series, starring by my own characters. (It was about time I give some attention  to them)

The first one is Virtue City, starring by Officer Star Badge:  Officer Star Badge by laqb, Lunatic the Crazy Fennec:  Lunatic the Fennec Fox by laqb and Twizzle the Wolf:  Twizzle Wolf by laqb
You can read the first episode right here:  Virtue City Episode 1: Welcome to Virtue CityWELCOME TO VIRTUE CITY
The sunrise on the east is indeed a beautiful scene, a beautiful scene ruined by a bus full of tourists going uncontrollably on a two-lane road, almost hitting a car coming on the opposite direction, if wasn't for said car to manage to quickly dodge by a few centimeters and being forced to get out of the road. Screams of panic are heard from inside the bus, but between the screams, there was a crazy laugh, along with an angry voice demanding for such madness to stop. The brakes were activated, but the runaway bus only came to a halt when it crashed into a tall metal signpost. “Next stop! HAHAHAHA!” The crazy voice announces, while the bus doors opened up and the tourists in panic escaped into all directions.
“You crazy idiot!” The other voice, the angry one, scolded the crazy while hitting it. “You almost killed us with that stupid joke!” Follo


The second one is Bastet, starring by Bastet the Cursed Cat:  Bastet the Cursed Cat by laqb
You can read the first chapter right here:  Bastet: Chapter 1Long ago in a land so ancient as the sand itself, there was a village of farmers. So small and vulnerable as a flower in the desert.
One day, The Pharaoh himself, accompanied by his personal army, came to this village. He asked for all their crops, claiming that will feed his men during the crusades across burning desert.
The leader of that village denied his request, saying that is all the food they have to withstand the dry season.
The Pharaoh became furious, outraged for such commoners to refuse to aid their king. He ordered his men to loot the village and kill every man, woman and children.
Houses were burned down, ashes darkened the skies and the blood painted the sands red. A day that will be marked forever by the horrors by the Pharaoh's command.
10 years later
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