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Favorite character meme

Well, i was searching for inspiration these days... Sort of... and couldn't find it!
Then, i found this meme, i usually don't do meme... But it was funny and i started thinking about 10 characters and how to draw them... It was really fun!!!
I'm really bad with a computer so i think i'm gonna upload all the drawings separately cause the quality is really shitty.
Now, let me introduce you the nice people who are gonna do the show for you!
1. Thranduil the Elvenking, cause he is just so majestic!
2. The 10th Doctor, cause i love him!!! (well, obviously, i love all of them, but i simply can't put out what i love best about him... It's just... him!)
3. Luna Lovegood, the most adorable character in the Harry Potter Saga!!!
4. Ned, the piemaker from Pushing Daisies, cause he is soooo sweet and romantic! (hey, Lee Pace is here two times! Wooow! Didn't realize that!)
5. Edward Scissorhands, cause he breaks my heart everytime!
6. Amy Pond, cause she is just the best companion ever!!! (well, that's just my opinion, of course!)
7. Gandalf, cause we all need an old and wise magician!
8. Loki, cause, well, it's Loki and he is burdened with glorious purposes!
9. Sherlock, cause who wouldn't like a high functionning sociopath around to make you feel stupid?!
10. Thomas Barrow from Downton Abbey, cause as you've probably already realized, i love complex characters. Plus, he really broke my heart in serie 5!

You should go take a look to the original meme, filled by the author, it's really nice:
And you should also do it yourself cause it's really fun!!! Blank here:

Here is a better version of panel 1: Loki and Gandalf
Panel 2 Ned comforting Thomas
Panel 3 Sherlock and the Doctor winning dance competition
Panel 4 Shocked Thranduil
Panel 5 Sherlock on the playground
Panel 6 Loki ruling all space and time
Panel 7 Thomas and Amy appreciating art
Panel 8 Thranduil's choice
Panel 9 Loki and Luna, walking on the moon
Panel 10 laprincesseheureuse.deviantart…
Panel 11
Panel 12
Panel 13
Panel 14
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All of this was just so perfect, good job Lee Pace David Clapping 
Laprincesseheureuse's avatar
Aaww, you're way too kind!!!! Thanks!! Love your emoticons, they made my day!!!!
spuggey's avatar
I want to see the space time continuum get messed up when Thranduil and Ned meet in the same panel, and realise they're the same person and...

Laprincesseheureuse's avatar
And the Doctor is explaining to them the theory about parallel universes and... I got it!!!:D (Big Grin)
No need to apologize, i know what you mean!La la la la 
ChicknHead's avatar
lol poor Edward... XD
Laprincesseheureuse's avatar
Yes, but i don't think he would have enjoyed being picked by Thranduil! ;) (Wink) 
ChicknHead's avatar
lol yeah! XD Happy Valentine's day!Frog dance 
Laprincesseheureuse's avatar
Thanks!!! The same to you!!Edward Scissorhands 
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