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Northern Night

So I figured a long time ago I should do more landscape paintings. Sometimes I even actually do it XD
This time I decided to use a photo reference which doesn't belong to me. There's this guy who is a photographer from Norway, I love his work and find it very inspiring. So it felt like a nice thing to practice and the inspiration I need. Especially since his work features some of my most favourite elements of scenery: winter, mountains, fjords, nights, and of course, Northern Lights. I adore them. Delight them. Now that their significance to me is also spiritual, these words are pale.

Nothing much to the painting itself. TWas fun to draw and I'm happy with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy.

Reference by Trichardsen
Northern delight by Trichardsen
Ps CS6 with a Wacom Intuos4 tablet.
Original size: 2400 x 1600 px. About 5 hours.

Dream Lover 13th Feb 2020 #ShowYourHeart
Winter Wonderland Area
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Hey, this is really cool! Nice work, it captures aurora very well Clap 
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Gosh I love the intense light to shadows in this one arg, also how you do shines on the water hiiiiiiiiing! ABSENCE OF MIND. Love the details of the sparkling in the snow really feels so real I think I can feel the cold... *ah such longing...* Absolutely beautiful I love this! 
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Thank you so much (once again) :) :hug: It's such a pleasure to draw these sceneries.... But yeah. You know. Thanks again! :huggle:
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Awesome work! I think I like it better than the original XD it just feels more alive and makes me wanna explore it
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Thanks. Well, I did use more vibrant colors (because I always do). But the point is not to compete with the original really. It's just to learn from it.
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Yeah ^^ it still looks cool though, more flowy
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Aww, thanks again :3
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You're welcome ;u;
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oh my gosh, that's an amazing painting! Northern lights emoticon 2 Heart Love

I like the sparkles on the snow (:
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Thank you so much :hug: :)
Aurora-Alley's avatar
I mean it (: I think you're a talented artist
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Thanks! :) I like to think so too :D
Aurora-Alley's avatar
do you earn any money from it or is just a hobby, if you don't mind me asking..
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It's a hobby. I've done some commissions, but it's a rare. Far too rare to be significant income :)
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I see (: well I think you could be a professional artist if you wanted to
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Actually I think I can't. Not because I don't have skills (although could be better), but because I don't think I can make art as intensively as I need to to make a living. Art can be emotionally exhausting, I cannot keep drawing intensively for long without it becoming painful, and there are sometimes periods when I don't feel like drawing at all. Then there's the problem with actually selling art. On the internet it's perhaps possible, but here in my country people are used to thinking art is for free and they aren't willing to pay for it. And I'm not good at advertising and finding customers. Finally.... even if I somehow cope with all that, I fear it would take the pleasure away from it if it becomes just work. And without the pleasure of it, art is.... nothing to me.
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One hell of a great work :D
I love the way how you've drawn the water.
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Absolutely incredible
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Gosh this is so beautiful. :jawdrop: I love just the feeling of it even from the thumbnail... and the softness of the lights but the boldness of their shine and patterns :love: Also the subtle reflection in the water looks just right, and the sparkle on the snow... Fanboy Emote And the detail of the brush on the hill there...arg. Shading and lighting direction is also fantastic. Love everything about this! More more! ^^
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