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Dragon Anatomy - Surface

By lapis-lazuri
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And now to your attention, a more finished version of this sketch:
Dragon Anatomy - Surface sketch by lapis-lazuri

Surface anatomy defined and refined, after I've worked some on the skeleton and muscles (I'll be uploading those when finished too, but it's by no means a simple work so it takes time). Shading is only basic, its only purpose is to show shapes and give a better idea of the 3D forms, also without body cover taken into consideration. Much like in classical surface anatomy guides for artists, lol. It already hints a lot of anatomy too.
And yes, dragons have large, strong, powerful muscles. Deal with it.

Just a few remarks I need to add. While I've taken into consideration proportions of the body, they are not the focus here - especially since proportions actually vary a tiny little by sex and a lot through species, and this is not a drawing of a concrete sex or species, but more of a general anatomy guide. The idea is to show muscle definition and how they show on the surface. Likewise, the wings are a bit too small (literally to fit on the sheet), but they require some more elaborate illustration, as well as some work on shape and size variation in species in accordance to specialization, so the wings will eventually get separate illustrations of their own. So this is indeed to understand the anatomy mainframe.

Also, some variation in body type / musculature can be seen here:
(This is also a very general guide, and not concrete species references.)
Dragon Morphology - Body Type comparison chart by lapis-lazuri

Anyway, hope you enjoy guys.
I continue working on Dragon Anatomy.
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Pumping iron all day err day :D
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I wonder why everyone reacts like this. What may seem like massive musculature to humans can be completely normal for another species. Like say.... dragons :O Besides, any creature who lives in the wilderness hardly ever needs "fitness" in order to be in spectacular shape.
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There's a reason for that. The paws look fairly huge even if you compare them proportionally to such strong predators as lions and tigers. The thing is that animals have slightly different muscle structure than humans and have bigger net strength. They typically are strong and look strong but not huge. The other thing is that from a flying creature you typically expect bigger pectorals and smaller limb muscles (at least forelimbs, if any). That is if you don't invoke magic or untypical atmosphere to allow it to fly.
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Not to me. If you don't like how I draw dragons, you can just say so. Then again, they are my kind and I'd be betraying myself if I don't draw them how it feels right to me. Btw, you could notice that the flight muscles ARE large. They are not the pectorals though, that would make no sense given that the forelimbs are in the way.
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Can't imagine why you derived that I dislike how you draw dragons. So far we're just having a nice discussion ;) If I disliked your drawings I wouldn't have even bothered to write anything. Speaking of flight muscles, I have noted that the sides look untypical. From the point of mechanics pectoral muscles with affixing at sternum or keel seem to be the most plausible design because the load upon the ribcage is the most uniform. This arrangement is also good in terms of converting muscle contraction force to torque (relative to the wing's joint). It would be very interesting to see your variant, of course.
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I dislike critique and I'm wary of it. And I dislike critique on dragons particularly because they are too close to my heart. It's not trivial to explain why I am more prone to react to it aggressively than anything.... suffice to say, I don't draw to make it perfect, even if I try very hard to make it perfect at least to my eyes, but I draw because I need to. It's the only available way to touch upon something I miss very much.

I do work further on anatomy. But it's not a priority at this time.
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I like scrutinizing things now and then if I'm interested. So don't take it personal. I guess you're an Otherkin if I'm correct with the term. I understand your feeling and will no longer bother you with my nitpicking if it hurts. I like the drawing, by the way ;)
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I kinda figured and that's why I point it out. So thanks for being considerate. And yes, I am, although I prefer the term transspecies. Technically it's the same thing perhaps, but I prefer to distance myself from the community.

And thank you. There's more dragons to come.
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Strong dragon :heart:
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Look at dem muscles !
          Fool Emoji-14 (Steroid Muscles) [V1]
That dragon is ripped!
Btw have you read the Christopher Paolini books? I love the dragons in that!
Stamp - Inheritance Cycle by shadowed-light-waves
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And no, I haven't. I usually dislike dragon fantasy written by others. It just doesn't.... feel right to me.
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