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My Bio

| Spiritual Satanist / Theistic Luciferian | Dragon |

| Nature lover | Metaller | Misanthropic | Flammable |

Priest of Satan Lucifer

Name: Lapis L'Azuri

Nationality: Hell

Age: Irrelevant

Species: Transspecies Dragon

Sexuality: Transgender Male, Non-binary

Sexual Orientation: Asexual, not interested

Education: Scientific - Master in Botany & Ecology

Current Occupation: Game Developer, Level Design

Arts: Digital & Traditional, Photography, Literature

Zodiac Sign: Woodpecker / Dragon

Spiritual Element: Fire / Hellfire

About me: I'm not your ordinary fellow, often times what people assume about me is rather wrong because they forget to assume the one wise thing to assume: that there's more beneath the surface. I don't care about social stereotypes, in fact I like shattering them. I am what I am, I like what I like, whether or not others can fathom the combinations of all that is completely irrelevant.

Spiritually: I'm a Spiritual Satanist, Dedicated and fiercely loyal to Satan, so clearly nothing offensive or against Him is welcome on my pages. I am also fiercely anti-xtian, so anything along those lines is not and never will be welcome here either.

I was a Dragon in my past life, my past Dragon identity is quite intact, I have plenty of past life memories, of my Dragon family, of the world I come from, and of course of Satan and the Demons, seen as my allegiance with Them predates this life by a long time. Where I come from, Nature is the World, and civilization can only thrive in harmony with Her. To me, the world of humans here is bizarre and corrupt, unfathomable in how it is ruled by greed, in such arrogance, stupidity and chosen blindness, and how all other Life is neglected and abused, without zero consideration, is mildly said abominable in my eyes. This is something I cannot understand and do not want to, because it deserves no understanding whatsoever.

In Life: I'm pretty much what I am spiritually, spirituality and my past self are literally my life, I may not disclose all I am in my everyday, but I likewise don't pretend to be something I'm not. If you hear me joking around with my colleagues that I'm a Dragon and talk to Demons, you should know I'm not joking at all. I'm not human within and most people who are open-minded enough feel it long before I choose to share.

The other important thing about me, I view all things through the prism of environmental impact, with the viewpoint of the non-human beings (including plants) considered. This makes a lot of things that seem harmless to most people, be very unacceptable and immoral to me. If I react harshly to something you say or do, this is a very likely reason why. My mind is analytical, I can't help but think along the lines of the bigger picture, I look beyond the superficial and see the connections between things without even trying, having a lot of underlying factors in mind at all times. Consider that, because when I seem excessive, it is never without a serious reason.

Last but not least, I am childless by choice and will remain so throughout this life. To me, this is the most ecological choice to make, because absolutely nothing can compare to the impact of a whole new human. So don't be surprised if I am not thrilled about your kids. I get it, they are your genetic material brought to life, but for as long as humanity retains its parasitic existence and behaves essentially like cancer upon the Earth, the only way I can see human larvae is as even more cancer cells being spawned. You may feel offended by that, but my concerns are for the future of everybody, including you and your children.

In Art: I do art since very little (and since my past life really), I've taken some classes in the Art Academy, but being told how to draw wasn't for me, so I studied Biology instead. But Art is an integral part of my life and always will be.

Traditional Art is where I'm at my best, it's most intuitive to me; I do Digital Art sometimes too, when I have time. I do Nature photography for about 15 years too, I have a plant species photo-library of over 9 000 photos with more than 1000 plant species in it, all taken and identified by me over the years, and I keep collecting. I also write, for many years, both Fantasy stories for repose, and serious philosophical writings into Spiritual Satanism and other, general views on the world. Occasionally, I also write poetry, lately mostly song lyrics edits. I play guitar and sing, and I have the opportunity to do so with a couple of friends of mine here where I live. You could say I am the Renaissance type of person, I couldn't limit myself into one thing if I wanted to, nor do I think narrow specialization is good for the mind and the soul.

Art has always been my way to materialize my imagination, but also visions I've had since childhood, which I later identified as memories from my previous life. Through Art, along with meditation, I've been able to explore my past life and original homeworld extensively. However, the "fantasy" world I remember has always been my refuge from normal life, which hasn't been exactly normal for me, and I intentionally keep it so now, allowing fantasy to still mix with memories and just go wild, because I need that haven and relief in my life. I don't normally tell literal memories in stories, that's far too personal. Still, where my fantasy works are regarded, they are loosely based on actual memories, so you never know where bits of an otherworldly reality is hiding.

To the contrary, Satanic art in any form that I do, is very tightly entwined with my actual spiritual practices and experience. What I portray and write is very real and reflects real events and astral entities with whom I communicate regularly. Never underestimate that fact.

I do art for myself, for my friends, and for Spirituality and Satanism.

I do not do Commissions, Art Trades and Collaborations, except for friends.

Ask me anything about Satanism. As I said, I'm a Priest and I use my page here, among other things, to share experience and knowledge. If you want to know more or are just curious about something, be welcome to ask me just about anything - I'd be happy to answer, it's what I do. Yet be respectful, this is my life and vocation.

Some things I love:

NATURE, Northern Lights, Thunderstorms & Rain, Blizzards, Snow & Winter, Trees & Forests, Mountains, The Sea, Stars & Nebulae, Castles, Crystals & Minerals, Flowers, Poisonous & Carnivorous Plants, Birds, Felines, Non-human Life in general

Some things I dislike:

cities, crowded places, noise, large machines, artificial stuff shopping, fashion, cosmetics, pop culture, mainstream, conformity, most fandoms, clichés, social media, wastefulness, gore, most beaches, summer heat, drought, poor design, denying climate change, denying evolution, intelligent design theories, most fantasy stories with Dragons, most representations of the Demons

Some things I Hate:

humanity, human society, politics, overpopulation, medicine, pollution, abuse of non-human Life, hypocrisy, arrogance, ignorance, stupidity, grey aliens, the abrahamic religions, XNITY

I play guitar, I hug trees, I do magick. The rest is in my galleries.

"Nature isn't constrained by your lack of imagination."

"Nullum bellum finitum est, donec id sum vici."

"Nullus est deus præter me ipsum." -- Satan Lucifer

-- Ave Satanas Luciferi

Favourite Visual Artist
Aivazovsky, Shishkin, Bierstadt, Many Awesome Artists on DA
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Dimmu Borgir, Watain, Testament, Kreator, Amon Amarth, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Ensiferum, Amorphis, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, etc etc, too many to list
Favourite Books
What I'm currently reading, in the ideal case
Tools of the Trade
My Mind.
Other Interests
Spirituality, Nature, Metal, Science, Biology, Arts, Fantasy. Most of all, Satanism / Luciferianism


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